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One of the greatest musicians to walk this earth, Bob Marley has truly defined global stardom. The Jamaican born singer enthralled millions with his powerful music that still continues to play around the world. Bob's message of equality, peace and love transformed him into a global symbol of aggression against corruption, war and social injustice. His music managed to highlight the weak fabric of economic structure prevailing in third world countries. Through his music, Bob addressed numerous social ills and helped in eradicating them around the world.  Bob's international fame helped in the expansion of Rastafari movement around the world. He is still considered the most popular reggae musicians of all times. Every year, some of the biggest names in ska and reggae music, pay homage to Bob by performing his greatest hits live on stage. The famous Bob Marley Birthday Tribute concert is held every year at the renowned BB King Blues Club & Grill in New York, where the popular underground reggae band Cannabis Cup Band recreates the magic of the legendary Jamaican singer. Bob Marley Birthday Tribute Cannabis Cup Band event allures thousands and thousands of fans who come to cherish and celebrate Bob's birthday. In order to join this joyous event this season, the audience can quickly get their hands on Bob Marley Birthday Tribute Cannabis Cup Band tickets and witness an electrifying live concert.

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Along his band The Wailers, Bob Marley released several chart breaking music albums that sold millions of copies across the globe. Over twenty-five music albums comprising eleven compilation albums, four live albums and thirteen studio albums have been released under Bob Marley and The Wailers. The albums "Natural Mystic: The Legends Lives On", "Live!", "Confrontation", "Uprising", "Kaya", "Rastaman Vibration" and "Burnin'" have all been certified gold status in the US. Further the albums "One Love: The Very Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers", "Legend", "Survival" and "Exodus" have reached platinum or higher statuses in Canada. The 1984 compilation album "Legend" managed to chart high on worldwide charts. The album has since then been certified ten times platinum in the US and six times platinum in the UK, selling more than twenty five million copies to date. Throughout his career, Bob Marley received numerous international honors and accolades. In 1978, the United Nations bestowed the artist with a "Peace Medal of the Third World". In 1994, Bob was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2001, he was awarded a "Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award".
Bob Marley's birthday is a widely celebrated event, where fans from all walks of life pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians of the past decades. Since their inception in 1995, the Cannabis Cup Band has become one of the most sought after reggae groups in New York. Every year, the band embraces the BB King Blues Club stages to perform Bob Marley's greatest hits to celebrate his birthday. Initially formed as a house band for the annual Cannabis Cup, organized by High Times, the band has collaborated with various renowned artists over the years including Quarter Bill, Laury Webb, Crucial Bridge, Lenky Don, Andrew Tosh, Everton Blender, Bushman, George Clinton and Rita Marley. Currently the group comprises Ras Vincent on bingi drum, Aaron Thurston on percussion, Gabe Moses on drums, James Zeller on Trombone, James Smith on trumpet, Paul G on saxophone, Ricky T on keyboards, Andy Bassford on guitar, Natty Frenchy on guitar, Black Richards on bass, Edizen Archer on vocals, Valerie Kelley on backing vocals and Marcia Davis on backing vocals. Ras Droppa is currently the band's lead vocalist.
Bob Marley Birthday Tribute Cannabis Cup Band event will feature an exciting ensemble of talented artists, all delivering power packed music performances as they sing your favorite Bob Marley songs. The fans are eagerly waiting to catch Cannabis Cup Band along with guest band Majestic Twin Sound at the beautiful stage of BB King Blues Club & Grill. The audience can become a part of this musical extravaganza by grabbing Bob Marley Birthday Tribute Cannabis Cup Band tickets and enjoy a memorable evening with friends and loved ones.

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