Beatlemania is a musical revue which started running on Broadway back in 1977. The show revolves around the life of one of the most successful bands of the sixties- The Beatles. Primarily aimed to pay tribute to the hot favorite American band, this musical grabbed the attention of several productions and attracted Beatles’ fans from all over the world. During the first two years after its premiere, the theatrical successfully completed its 1000 shows and is self described as ‘Not the Beatles, but an incredible simulation’. The original show was produced and conceived by David Krebs and Steve Leber. Successfully running on Broadway for two years, this musical was seen in many cities around the US, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and even in Europe, Australia and Asia. The excitement of the upcoming Beatlemania Atlantic City musical is on the rise as the Beatles’ fans haven’t faded out!

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Beatlemania received a Tony Award only after a few months of its premiere. It toured different countries on regular basis and continues to do so even today. The original book for the musical was written by Robert Rabinowitz, Bob Gill and Lynda Obst and the musical features all the songs created by this Liverpool based rock band from the sixties. Also called as ‘Rockumentary’, this documentary style musical will not let you down. If you haven’t got a chance to watch this extraordinary tribute show, then you’re in luck. The Beatlemania Atlantic City tickets are available for sale on our website! 

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