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The Beatles came in the 1960’s and took the music world by storm. Till date, they are recognized as the most successful of all pop artists. Their songs are heard even today as they continue to be looked upon as the evergreen legends whose songs are still played over radio stations across the world. Even though the band was a British boy band it managed to crush down geographical boundaries and in no time became a sizzling favorite among Americans and Europeans. That not all the Beatles are still considered a pioneer in pop music. There fame is widespread as are their tunes which are hummed by people around the world.

About Beatlemania Now

The Beatles garnered hoards of fans who craved to be out there at each of their live performances.  Whenever on stage the fab four created waves. The band members included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. Their musical endeavors had encompassed a lot of music genres, starting from classical to folk rock and Psychedelic rock. The Beatles were icons with which the youth could relate to easily. Delivering hit after hit the Beatles were sp famous that in no time emerged a fad called, Beatlemaina.

Seems like even to this day, the Beatlemania hasn’t wavered one bit as there emerged a band calling themselves, Beatlmania. The Beatles remained in the music scene till the 70’s. After that however there came many bands who paid homage to them. One such band whose efforts were certainly not wasted is the Beatlemania. The Beatlemania is hailed “The closest thing to the real thing” by the Boston Herald. With credibility like that who could doubt the potential of the Beatlemania. As the Beatlemania Now are all set to embark on their upcoming tour you must act fast and book your deals of the Beatlemania Now tickets from us.

The Beatlemania has celebrating the success of the iconic band and if you happen to be a diehard fan of the Beatles too then you must hurry up and book your deals of the tickets as soon as possible. The fad may have swept the nation some decades ago but now it is replaced the band of the same name. The fan following of the legendary Beatles never seem to stop so why should their music? In that spirit please make way for the Beatlemania.

Beatlemania Now members include Davey Justice as Paul, Scott Arch, one of the original Beatlemania Broadway production members, as John, newcomer Jess Banner as George, and Bart Smith as Ringo. Attune your ears to melodies like, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You” and get all set to groove with the Beatlemania Now. In order to relive the Beatlemania you must be physically present at the concert. Don’t bother over the fact that you should have been born in a different era to witness the Beatles perform live, just take the plunge with Beatlemania Now and book your deals of the Tickets from us. Beatlemaina Now tickets are up for grabs so hurry!

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