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Lorin Ashton, known to many as Bassnectar tickets, has taken electronic music to a whole new level. The California based artist has pushed all boundaries and through experimentation has reinvented brilliant music pieces. He has combined different genres like electronica, breakbeat, dubstep, IDM, house, glitch and dance to produce some classic melodies. The sensational artist has covered the wide spectrum of music and infused various styles without worrying about the norms of this art. He has appeared as a successful free-form artist who has managed to create intense, cutting-edge and wobbling bassline soundscapes. For Ashton, the process of creating music is nothing less than an adventure. There are no limitations, no rules to follow and even he's not sure about the outcome. He calls the end product "omnitempo maximalism," which basically means a mixture of every possible sound and style.

About Bassnectar

Bassnectar had always been interested in music but it was at the age of fourteen that he was deeply inspired. Nirvana and Metallica influenced his music style and he found himself being attracted to heavy metal. He loved the orgy and the high energy of the genre as well as the experimentation it allowed. Even as a teenager Ashton was involved with various underground bands. At 18 he started working with music promoters and arranged various shows as well as promotion events. The exposure added to his experience and soon he was able to open his record shop. Initially Bassnectar made himself visible in parties and clubs where he served as DJ. He is one of those few artists who have actually studied music at college level. With electronic music as a minor subject, the talented musician increased his knowledge and put it to good practice. For almost a year he did field-work at Juvenile Hall and came up with Music Therapy Program. Through this he was able to help young people who were the victims of circumstances and surroundings. During his time there, Ashton thought that he would end up being a teacher. However, his music career took off soon after that and he got a chance to work with the famous rock artist, Perry Farrell. Cheap Bassnectar tickets who already had some experience in production helped the artist produce one of his albums.

The collaboration with Farrell marked the first of the many for the artist. He worked with several other bands and solo artists like Spearhead and Michael Franti. When Lorin is producing music he confines himself in a space and let the magic happen. He always goes with the flow and doesn't give much thought to the end result. This method has helped him create some outstanding and unique music. Whilst assisting other artists, Bassnector also produced his own albums. Since the start of his career he had been managing his own music and making it available for the fans through websites. Finally in 2005 he signed with a record label and came up with the album, "Mesmerizing the Ultra". The artist outdid himself with the album and produced some mind-boggling tracks. In the space of a single song he has infused various styles, from IDM to hip-hop basslines and heavy breaks to dubelectronica. The entire album shows diversity and fuses all kinds of beats and rhythms.

In 2007 Bassnectar tickets produced yet another masterpiece, "Underground Communication". He showed progression from his prior work and the album expands upon the styles. If the fans were baffled before, the tracks on this album hypnotized them. It could have easily been named as what-not because of the synergy of sounds it produced. Glitch breaks, bass-heavy hip hop, funky dub-electro fusion, bhangra breaks and psychedelic ambient flavors, are all part of this brilliant album. Ashton has continued to show mastery in his domain. "Cozza Frenzy" his seventh album, traversed all previous range of styles. Besides playing with the digital synthesizers, the phenomenal musician also incorporated Eastern-European sounds in his tracks. The results were once again splendid. Fans couldn't get enough of the songs and they dominated the dance floors worldwide.

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