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Bassnectar is considered one of the best DJs in the US. Hailing from a background in death metal, the DJ has transitioned his music into a unique blend of heavy bass and varying genres. His music features punk rock, hip hop, dubstep, metal and trip hop and other variations of electronic dance music. He is world-renowned for his performances that include distinctive light and laser shows which provide the concertgoers with a rich auditory and visual experience.

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Debuting under his real name Lorin, Bassnector released his first album Freakbeats for the Beatfreaks in 2001. Since then he has released eleven albums, over two dozen mixtapes and more than thirty singles and EPs. He has collaborated with notable artists like Lupe Fiasco, Nelly Furtado and Ellie Goulding among numerous others. In 2013 alone, he was one of the best ticket-selling DJs with sales of over a hundred and sixty thousands.


In summer 2014, Bassnectar released his new album Noise vs. Beauty. The album topped the US Dance/Electronic Albums chart whereas debuted at number five on the US Independent Albums. It also peaked in among the Top 30 at the Billboard 200. Featuring artists like The Upbeats, Lafa Taylor, Zion I and Rye Rye; Noise vs. Beauty contains fifteen tracks varying from ambient to psychedelic. Bassnectar has been playing some of the tracks at his 2014 shows and is now out on the album’s NVSB Tour. The tour is bringing him to Nashville, Tennessee for a memorable rave at the Bridgestone Arena. So grab Bassnectar Nashville tickets and enjoy his show.


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