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Founded in the city of Baltimore situated in the state of Maryland, Animal Collective is a band that infuses music with psychedelic experimentation. The word psychedelic was previously only used in psychiatry as this was a drug induced state mostly used by doctors during psychotherapy in hopes of treating their patients. More recently, such a technique was seen in art and music as well. In the 1960s, artists started creating flashy and bright colored pieces that would be similar to what you would see when using drugs and hallucinogenic substances. Similar use was seen by musicians as historic bands such as Pink Floyd and Oasis started creating hallucinogenic music. Basically such music aims at enhancing and improving the effects of drugs consumed by listeners, especially enjoyed by drug users.

About Animal Collective

Animal Collective consists of four band members that create such music together. The band came into formation as the members decided to create their own band during high school. Ever since then Noah Lennox, Brian Weitz, David Portner and Josh Dibb have been collaborating continuously to release eleven studio albums up till now. If psychedelic music is what you prefer, then you are in for a treat as you can now purchase cheap Animal Collective tickets!
The band’s music falls in different musical genres, all of which are close to being anything but traditional music. They play freak folk, noise pop, art rock, experimental rock and avant-garde. You can see a similarity between all these genres as they focus on creativity and experimentation. Such genres ask for stepping out of the box and pushing your own boundaries to bring something to your audience that they have never heard before. Due to Animal Collective’s dedication, the band came up with brilliant albums such as Campfire songs, Feels, Strawberry Jam, Spirit they’ve gone, Spirit they’ve vanished and Danse Manatee.
Animal Collective has also established its own label company currently named Paw Tracks. At first the band released its records through this label but soon after started releasing albums by other artists too. The label has currently signed up to seventeen different bands, a few of whom are Jane, Deakin, Panda Bear, Ariel Pink, Black Dice, Excepter, Eric Copeland and Avery Tare. If you want an outer mind experience, then consider buying Animal Collective tickets in a jiffy.
The band Animal Collective came into existence due to childhood friendships. Two of the band members; Lennox and Dibb were together since the second grade. Together they said to have attended progressive schools that paid great emphasis to culture, art and contemporary music allowing young minds to push their limits into being creative. The foundations of the band were laid when Portner and Weitz started jamming together at the young age of fifteen. With similar music interests they covered songs by Terry Jacks and Bell Biv DeVoe. They then met up with Dibb and Lennox in high school and they created a band named Automine at that time. The band released their one and only single in the year 1995, when the band members were just sixteen years old. Soon afterwards they encountered their experiences with drugs and LSDs and turn towards experimental music. With regular jamming sessions, the band members soon parted ways due to different colleges in different cities. However they started working on records separately and met up on weekends to play and record singles which would make the album “Spirit they’ve gone, Spirit they’ve vanished”. By the year 2000, the album was finished and all group members decided to settle in New York to start an official career in music.
Playing their first ever show in the year 2000 at a club named The Cooler, the band attracted attention with their masked disguises and out of the ordinary music. Even later on in tours such as “Here Comes the Indian”, the band wore masks and hid their faces. They said that it was to make them more comfortable and at ease in the external environment. Their latest album is said to release by September 2012, named Centipede Hz and all related information regarding this can be viewed on their official web page. As for fans dying to see their favorite band perform live, what they can do is buy Animal Collective tickets to confirm their attendance.