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For those of you who live the performing arts, Amature Night at the Ritz is the place to be for all you. Amature Night at the Ritz will provide every one with an opportunity to flaunt their talents in front of the live audience. And with audience being the judge of it all, there isn’t any chance of biased jury decisions. So those who win the most amounts of cheers, take home the crown. So buy your Amature Night at the Ritz tickets and flaunt your talents as a performing artist to the live audience.

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About Amature Night At The Ritz

Amature Night at the Ritz is based upon the same concept that was originally brought forward by the Amature Nights at the Apollo Theatre located in Harlem. Amature Nights at the Apollo theatre acted as a launching pad for the careers of many renowned singers, dancers and performers. One of them happens to be Ella Fitzgerald, who made her debut as a singer when she was only seventeen years of age. After grabbing the attention of audience week after week during her auditions, she was given an opportunity to compete at one of the earliest editions of the Amateur Nights. Fitzgerald originally planned on debuting as a dancer, but later she changed her mind and chose to sing instead.
Soon Amateur Nights became a regular phenomenon at the Apollo Theater, thanks to all the appreciation and support that it received from the participants as well as the fans. The event kept on attracting large numbers of audience members, week in and week out. Back then, the show was hosted by none other than Ralph Cooper, and maintained its tagline that was “where stars are born and legends are made”. This was mainly because Amateur Nights became a vital reason in the launching of careers of many renowned artists. Some of the big names that launched their careers at the Apollo include James Brown, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross, The Isley Brothers, Sarah Vaughan, Ben E. King, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Patti LaBelle, Dewey ‘Pigmeat’ Markham, Tim Moore, Machine Gun Kelly, Johnny Lee and many others. One of the greatest guitarists of all times, Jimi Hendrix also performed at won the first prize during Amateur Nights in 1964 at the Apollo. The first ever tie in the history of the Amateur Nights took place in 2010, when Nathan Foley and Ayanna Witter Johnson shared the prize money.
Now based on the same concept of the Amateur Nights at the Apollo Theater, the show comes to your city of Jacksonville at the Ritz Theater. The show is held on the same format, where the audience is the jury and the contestants compete for the cash prize. So grab your cheap Amature Night at the Ritz tickets, and prove your talents to your locals. Amateur Night at the Ritz is an excellent platform for the locals of Jacksonville to come and face the audience and show what they’re made of. This monthly event is intended to nurture and encourage the undiscovered talent of the community to come forward and have a place to perform at. The new Ritz Theatre comes with state of the art facilities, and is an ideal place for such an event, as it is located within the community of LaVilla. This is site is exactly where the old Ritz Theater movie house stood in 1929.
Every month the Amateur Night is held on the first Friday of the month. It welcomes contestants from all walks of life, who’ve enough guts to put their talent to test in front of the live audience. During the auditions session, each act is granted a duration of three minutes and thirty seconds, during which they have to keep the audience entertained. So if you think you have what it takes, then get your Amature Night at the Ritz tickets today, and get ready to take the stage.

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