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Yanni is a Greek pianist, keyboardist and composer. Born in 1954, he is a dab hand with piano and is a familiar name in the music realm. His career history spreads over two decades. The 90 era hummed with his music as it marked his peak.  The echo of his music reached far and wide making him a familiar and coveted name amongst musicians.

About Yanni Naples Tickets Tickets

He has, to his credit, the music of commercials, soundtracks and sporting events. His music is used for television sporting events. His compositions have been used in Olympic Games television broadcasts. Yanni’s album, ‘Dare to Dream’ earned him Grammy nominations in 1994. However, he hit the jackpot with ‘Yanni Live at Acropolis’. The video, per se, is said to be the second best selling music video of all time. Kudos was showered upon him as it was his first live album which turned out to be a huge success. His skill was termed outstanding. Yanni excels at live performances in front of a large audience.

Yanni is a born music prodigy. With no formal training from a music maestro, he deserves laudation for making an acknowledged place for himself amongst the big shots. He released his autobiography ‘Yanni in Words’ in 2003. Yanni has, to his credit, a long list of albums, soundtracks and compilations. We have Yanni Naples Tickets for his upcoming tour to Naples, FL in April. You can get your favorite seating positions at discounted rate without compromising the quality.

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A:General Admission means that Yanni Tickets cant be reserved and will only be sold on first come, first served basis.

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