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No matter how far the world goes in creating new musical genres, and how intense the noise of modern music gets, the charm and the beauty of classical music can simply never tarnish. An expression of this ever green music is the performance named Too Hot to Handel.  

About Too Hot to Handel Tickets

Performed for the first time in early 1990s, Too Hot to Handel has always enjoyed a great deal of popularity among the audience. It was performed for the first time at Lincoln Center by The Concordia Orchestra, and has ever since been one of the most famous performances at that venue. People coming to listen to the performance simply love it, and express their feelings by dancing at their seats and at times even in the aisles. The rhythm is so captivating that you simply can not resist moving your body along.  
Too Hot to Handel is based on the masterpiece that was originally created by George Frideric Handel, who presented his grand oratorio over two centuries ago in 1742. The performance takes up the core of Handel’s music and presents it in a musically reconfigured way, without compromising on its originality and essence. The music is performed in genres of Jazz, R & B and Gospel, and has always managed to maintain its charismatic appeal. The original concept of Too Hot to Handel is credited to Marin Alsop, who is a renowned Music Director at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Gary Anderson and Bob Christianson are the people who helped in arrangement and orchestration of the whole performance of Too Hot to Handel.  
The performance takes place at the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University, where it has been for the last seven years. The performance is unique as well as entertaining, owing to the fact that there are over 200 musicians that directly take part in the creation of music. The stage has a jazz combo, an orchestra and many soloists, all working together in a beautiful harmony to create some of the most tunes human mind has ever created – Too Hot to Handel! Among the soloists are included renowned musicians like Alfreda Burke, Rodrick Dixon and Karen Marie Richardson
With some of the most talented musicians of the world performing together to recreate a masterpiece and the legend that started about two centuries ago, Too Hot to Handel brings to life a whole new era of classical music. As critics often comment, the messiah is a milestone performance that makes it evident how beautiful and touching classical music can be. Ever since it was performed for the first time, it has attracted the audience with same enthusiasm, and has maintained its charm and appeal. For people who have a taste for classical music, and appreciate the quality of performances in this genre, Too Hot to Handel tickets promise an entertainment that would be unparalleled and unmatchable in all of its aspects. Once you are there, you would always want to come again and again to experience the music that is simply out of this world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Are too hot to handel tickets prices negotiable?

A:No, Too Hot To Handel Tickets prices are fixed and non-negotiable.