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Mormon Tabernacle Choir, colloquially known as MoTab, is an Emmy and Grammy-Award winning all-volunteer choir that is part of the LDS Church with current music director Mack Wilberg. Comprising of three hundred and sixty men and women, it is totally self-funded, producing albums and traveling to support its organization. Their sound has been argued to be world-famous with a certain quality that renders is instantly recognizable.  Though several choir members live within small distance of the Mormon Tabernacle of Utah’s Salt Lake City, there are some who have to commute across long distances to practice as well as to perform the weekly radio and television broadcast. Many of these members include husband-wide couple as well as some families that have been participating for generations in the choir.

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About The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Since its creation over a century back, it has recorded and performed extensively in more than twenty-eight countries all over the world. The Choir has played at thirteen World’s Expositions and Fairs, and released over a hundred and thirty musical compilations along with many videotapes and films. Today, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir tickets are considered to be quite a treat among gospel and classical music fans and not just in the Salt Lake City.
Mormon Tabernacle Choir takes its name from the place where it has been performed fro more than a hundred years, the Salt Lake Tabernacle. While the Tabernacle itself came to an end by 1867, the choir continued and in 1873 July, performed its first concert there. It started out rather undisciplined and fairly small, but with in 1869, with the appointment of George Careless as its conductor, it started to improve musically. Under him, the first major choir was brought together with the addition of smaller choral groups so that the final assemble was just over three hundred. It was this ensemble that performed in the general conference of the church in 1873, and by this the choir’s sized had become comparable to that of the spacious Tabernacle.  By 1910 the group was on its way to sing Let The Mountain Shout for Joy as its first recording where three hundred of its six hundred members performed in studio.
Later directors of Mormon Tabernacle Choir brought more concrete vocal trainings and worked at raising its standards, improving it as an ensemble and alongside expanding its repertoire from a hundred songs to a thousand. By July 1929, the choir played its first ever radio broadcast known as The Spoken Word and Music. In less than twenty more years, the choir had performed various concerts every year and had also released a long-playing recording. During the fifties, the ensemble took its first European tour and brought home a Grammy for its Battle Hymn of Republic recording. Today, the choir is credited for having performed before ten U.S. presidents starting with William Howard Taft. Other noted events it has played at include high profile events such as The American Bicentennial of 1976, the national broadcasts honoring deaths of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, and more than twenty performances at the Winter Olympics of 2002, including the Opening Ceremonies.
Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been touring since 1893, and to date has performed across Central America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Korea, Scandinavia and Western Europe, among other places. Over may years of playing incredible music, the choir has received many award nominations and awards including a Grammy Award alongside four Grammy nominations in the categories of Best Traditional Vocal Pop Album, Best Engineered Classical Album, Best Classical Crossover Album and  Best Classical Choral Performance. Other awards include an Emmy Award, Peabody Award, Mother Teresa Award, and the George Washington Award from Freedoms Foundation. In 2003, it was awarded the prestigious National Medal of Art, and in 2010 it was welcomed into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Make sure to grab some cheap Mormon Tabernacle Choir tickets and be there for a fun evening of joyful singing.

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