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The American band called Mannheim Steamroller is all set to perform their classic holiday tunes at the Power Auditorium in Youngstown. The event will take place in the month of November of 2013. Mannheim Steamroller Youngstown tickets are hence up for grabs as people flock in large numbers to save themselves a place at the upcoming concert.

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About Mannheim Steamroller Youngstown Tickets

The band was originally formed by Jackson Berkey and Chip Davis. Besides the two, the lineup of the band includes Bobby Jenkins, Almeda Berkey, Ron Cooley, Roxanne Layton, Chuck Penington, Arnie Roth and Tom Sharpe. The title for the group is derived by the German music technique called ‘Mannheim roller’. Before forming his band, Davis had already gained popularity by creating the country genre character for Bill Fries, called ‘C.W McCall. Davis and his partner and keyboard player Jackson Berkey together produced an unusual work of classical music.

The series of these albums depicted a new theme in each collection. For example, ‘Fresh Aire VI’ was about Greek mythology, ‘Fresh Aire 7’ about the number 7 while ‘Fresh Aire 8’ had the theme of infinity. The band is particularly famous for the numerous Christmas themed musical compositions that they have treated the fans with over the years. Among the popular of the lot include albums like ‘Christmas Extraordinaire’, ‘Christmas Celebration’, and ‘Christmas in the Air’. You can now get the cheap Mannheim Steamroller Youngstown tickets and enjoy the night with your family, friends and the super talented musicians.

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