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The Mannheim Steamroller University Park concert stars one of the most famous Christmas music and holiday music groups in the US. Originally founded as a new age group in Omaha, Nebraska in 1974, the group’s first Christmas album rose to fame and soon the group began releasing Christmas albums. It has also founded its own record label, American Gramaphone, through which it has released many albums. Founded by Chip Davis, the group’s members today are Bobby Jenkins, Jackson Berkey, Roxanne Layton, Almeda Berkey, Ron Cooley, Chuck Penington,  Arnie Roth, and Tom Sharpe. Famous for its modern Christmas music, twenty eight million albums plus have been sold in the US only, with many more in other parts of the world. The group started out as a name through which Chip Davis, a composer and record producer, would release music. He was then joined by Jackson Berkey as a bassist. During the seventies, he release four albums of baroque classical and jazz music, as well as composed music for a PBS show titled Saving the Wildlife. In 1984, a Christmas music album was released, which was commercially acclaimed and propelled the group to fame. Today, its fame is shown by the number of people who have already pre–ordered Mannheim Steamroller University Park tickets for their upcoming show.

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Since their first Christmas music album, Mannheim Steamroller have gone on to release many more albums, including a special box set on their twenty fifth anniversary. The group has also continued releasing new age music albums, often incorporating humor in them. They have also recorded an album for Disney, filled with Disney music and have their own special twelve hour radio show, Mannheim Steamroller’s An American Christmas aired on two hundred and fifty radio stations in the US. This is truly a group to catch live via cheap Mannheim Steamroller University Park tickets at this venue.

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