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After this two more albums were released, titled ‘Christmas in the Aire’ and ‘A Fresh Aire Christmas’. With the release of these two albums Mannheim Steamroller further adapted their sound to the times which helped to propel towards fame. The group has sold an impressive 28 million albums in the United States. If you want to see first-hand what all the hype is about, you need Mannheim Steamroller Topeka tickets for their show at the Topeka Performing Arts Center.

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After the release of ‘Christmas in the Aire’, Mannheim Steamroller became one of the most sought after Christmas music artists of the era. This was in a large part due to the family-friendly nature of their music and the instruments used in recording. The fact that their music was played often by radio stations during the Christmas season is another factor in their rise to fame. The group’s ‘Fresh Aire’ album series which saw nine album releases, including a compilation, spanned from 1975 to 2000, with a majority of the albums being certified gold. For the opportunity to see Mannheim Steamroller in action, doing what they do best, you can buy cheap Mannheim Steamroller Topeka tickets.

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