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Chris Tomlin is a famous singer with his music strongly driven from the Christian Religion. His Contemporary Worship music inspired many and continues on a larger scale. He made his beginning in the late nineties with the Album “Authentic”. He was always fascinated with the country music as well as religion but it wasn’t until his university when he started taking serious interest in it.

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About Chris Tomlin Louie Giglio

This was a major turning point in his life as he came to Texas A&M to study medicine but ended up being an active participant of religious studies. He was ultimately seen more in the Bible study and campus worship group than anywhere. He was introduced to Louie Giglio here who headed the group called “Breakaway”. Chris Tomlin became intriguingly involved in this Worship Group. He loved performing at his own songs as a part of the band. His prior guitar sessions with his father also came in handy. His musical inspirations were driven by the country music he grew up listening to. Louie Giglio’s Group was gaining popularity spreading its wings all across the country. The group was soon renamed to “Passion” and became an amalgamation point for the young on campus Christians.

This led to the initiation of Louie Giglio’s recording company Six Step Records ( mostly written as sixsteprecords) which was mainly dedicated to promote young Christians’ talent. Chris Tomlin became the first individual to sign a recording deal with them. His album “The Noise We Make” was released in 2001 by them. It was a worship album addressing themes of spirit, religion and faith. Encouraged by the reception of this album, he came up with “Not to Us” a year later. The album didn’t deviate from its reverent themes and praised the Ultimate Creator in innovative ways.

His next album “Arriving” took two years in completion and was released in 2004. This brought one of the major successes for Louie Giglio’s production house. Chris Tomlin was charted on the Billboard and was Platinum certified by RIAA. His song “ How Great is God” was at number 1 in the most favorite songs sung at the US Churches even after four years. The other successful track from the album "Holy Is the Lord" was also able to secure high rating on the charts. He got a lot busier in the live singing and released his live album in the following year.

In 2006, his album “See the morning” was out in the market. Due to the sweeping success of his previous album “Arriving”, there was much anticipation among the fans for this one. In the opening week the album out did the business of “Arriving” by far. This album was released in two installment; eleven songs were released first followed by four tracks and behind the scenes footage later. There was a tour version of the album as well which featured special sermons from Louie Giglio. His next album release in 2008 brought his first Grammy nomination. The album was titled as “Hello Love” and focused on harnessing compassion. The album also earned various other nominations including one from the Dove Awards.  In 2010, he has come up with “And If Our God Is for Us..”.  

In his entire spiritual journey, Louie Giglio’s support has been essential. He has also been very passionately pursuing the path of divinity himself. He has been revered and respected for being the founder of the Passion Group. Apart from his recording company, he has also authored many books on religion and spiritualism. His messages have been awakening modern day Christians, connecting religion effectively with the contemporary world. His talks "How Great Is Our God" and "Indescribable" have been heard in churches throughout the world in order to seek guidance. His is now coming to various cities across the US with Chris Tomlin. If you want to rejuvenate your religious beliefs, this is going to be a perfect opportunity. Reserve a seat for yourself with Chris Tomlin Louie Giglio tickets now.

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