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Buika is a promising artist who has been voted among the “50 Great Voices” of the world by NPR. Coming from MaJorca Island, Buika has emerged as a real innovator. For jazz enthusiasts, she is a must-see musician. Her unmistakable African roots along with her cosmopolitanism, developed in clubs in Spain and Americanized all through surreal period in Vegas, enlightens the exceptional self-possession of Buika. With your Buika tickets you will experience watching a unique artist playing live.

About Buika

Buika’s exclusive singing and distinctive style makes her a wonderful and rare artist to listen to. Her fame is rapidly growing in Europe and in United States.  Buika is quickly being recognized and seen among the most dynamic and individualistic artists in modern vocal jazz. Buika’s collaboration with Chucho Valdes in 2009 won her a Grammy Award in the category of “Best Traditional Tropical Album.”  The next year, Buika released a duet “You Got Me” with Seal. Buika also made a guest appearance as a vocalist on the Traveller CD of Anoushka Shankar. Buika has released her album “En Mi Piel” that is an exhaustive compilation.  This two-disc release showcases the breathtaking range and diversity of Buika and her progress as an artist. The record features signature numbers from her previous releases as well. Buika cites Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as her idols.
With every new endeavor, the fan base of Buika  seems to grow. Buika is a keen performer and has won millions of her fans’ hearts with her exciting performances. Buika tickets are always high in demand and the live concert audiences of Buika include some great luminaries such as Alicia Keys, Antony Hegarty, Alejandro Sanz and Gloria Estefan. Buika makes her audiences enjoy her music, transporting them to a place where music reigns. Buika thrillingly celebrates her passion for music. The discography of Buika includes Nina de Fueg, El Ultimo Trago, The Skin I Live In and En Mi Piel among others. Buika is a highly praised flamenco synthesis vocalist with a breakthrough release to her credit that sold more than 100,000 units in Spain. Critics have described Buika’s voice as “achingly beautiful”, “sultry” and “sonorous”.

Buika is known to hook young audiences with her originality and the unique blending of other influences. The fusion of soul, flamenco with jazz and dance rhythms in the music of Buika reflects her own life story. Buika sings with emotions of loneliness as she states, “I sing against emotional dictatorships”. She is one among the most spontaneous and lively artists in the existing scene of Spanish music. Buika manages all types of rhythms and she sure knows how to put on a great show. She is known as one of those artists who can captivate the audiences with her brilliant voice, talent and high energy on stage. Buika’s sensuality of voice makes her a great artist to enjoy live.
Not only is Buika a soulful and gifted artist but she is also a down to earth performer. Fans call her an amazing woman with powerful stage performance and a voice that is beyond words. Her vocals are majestic and incredible. Buika tickets are must to have in order to watch and listen to this amazing singer live. When attending her live concert, you can see the great passion and love for music in her voice. She also makes the audience connect with her music. You will be enthralled to see her once and would want to come see her over and over again. It is going to be a remarkable event and a lifetime opportunity to watch Buika performing on stage.  The audiences will find this show one of the most enjoyable events ever, so make sure you are there. Have a great time!