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Those of you who are in a mood of some hot and spicy salsa music, head towards Willie Colon Gilberto Santa Rosa show. Both the musicians who are part of this concert have been doing salsa for almost forty years. It would be safe to say that if anybody can handle salsa, it would be these two. The Willie Colon Gilberto Santa Rosa tickets are on sale now so grab your deal and enjoy the best of salsa music.

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About Willie Colon Gilberto Santa Rosa

Willie Colon is a man of many talents. He is a singer, a writer, an actor, and producer and is into municipal politics in New York City. He can create magic with his technique for the trumpet and trombone. He is from the South Bronx area in New York. He learned to play the trumpet at an early age and later moved to the trombone. He signed up with Fania Records when he was only fifteen years old, and was ready with his first album by the time he was seventeen. He became a champion of civil and human rights when he was only sixteen and has been involved with different causes ever since. He was a member of the Latino Commission on Aids and was also associated with the United Nations Immigrant Foundation. Willie Colon is famous for mixing his music with elements of jazz and rock and his listeners have always complimented him for reminding them of the traditional music from Brazil, Cuba and Puerto Rico through his creations. Over the many years he has been active as a musician, he has collaborated with different musicians like Celia Cruz, Ruben Blades, Ismael Miranda and Soledad Bravo. He has released more than forty eight music albums so far. Some of his more successful albums are The Player, Experiencia, Vigilante, Fantasmas and The Hustler.
Gilberto Santa Rosa is the other main attraction in the concert. He is from Carolina, Puerto Rico where he grew up and developed a taste for the local salsa music. When he was only fourteen years old he appeared on stage with the Mario Ortiz Orchestra as a backup singer. After this performance he was approached by La Grande Orchestra, and became their lead singer. Soon he started recording music albums with different orchestras. He developed his own style of music and through careful improvisation was able to mix the romantic and tropical style of the music. He started his own band and after signing up with Combo Records scored several hits with his first album like Good Vibration and Of Love and Salsa. Upon his first tour of the United States he performed at the Carnegie Hall Theatre in New York, which no tropical salsa singer had done before him. The graph of his success kept rising with the release of each new album and when he released his album Expresion the song Fulana became an instant hit and crowd favorite. He repeated the success of Expresion with Romantico which was released in 2001. In total he has released some twenty five music albums so far which have featured numerous hit singles.
The concert brings two amazing sala musicians together for a memorable show. If you want to spend an exciting evening with two salsa legends then get your cheap Willie Colon Gilberto Santa Rosa tickets now.

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