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Back in the days of the revolution, when amigos sat in their sprawling ranches singing out to darling lost loved ones & forces as simplistic yet powerful as rainfall from beneath their sun-baked sombreros, there was a serene innocence in music. That is what popularized ranchera in the Mexican state of Jalisco, a style taken up by mariachis. And even with the breakneck speed of modern life, fans of Vicente Fernandez still pause to catch a whisper of his songs which are a pleasant throwback to those fortunate times when there were bigger things than bills & bank accounts. Vicente Fernandez has crooned his way into immortality, joining Javier Solis & Jose Alfredo Jimenez as the greatest ranchera artists of the modern era. Fans clutching Vicente Fernandez tickets have been treated to never-ending concerts as the maestro often sings endlessly until the crowd tires. His studio recording statistics are even more astounding, & with 51 certified albums & 50 million sold copies, Fernandez is an established icon of the Latin-speaking world.

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Fernandez's music is reminiscent of times when pure Mexican folk centered on trivial but engaging topics such as patriotism, love, nature & bravery. He is a leading exponent of the ranchera & mariachi genres. Born in 1940 in Huentitan el alto in Jalisco, Fernandez spent his early years at his father's Guadalajara ranch, imbibing the ranchera lifestyle. He worked a number of jobs at his uncle's restaurant & grew up to idolize actor Pedro Infante. By eight, he was practicing his guitar, & in his teens he won a couple of singing talent shows that highlighted his potential. Yet the family's financial troubles forced him to work a number of menial jobs before he moved to Mexico City to pursue music full-time in 1960. Discouraged by record companies & often forced to sing for tips on the streets, Fernandez needed a lucky break. & that is exactly what he got in 1966 when the untimely death of Javier Solis prompted record companies to flock for his signature to fill the void in the ranchera circuit. Fernandez obliged, & his debut single, "Perdoname", got tongues wagging. His dedication to singing & recording, where he often records over 10 songs in one marathon session, have seen a constant stream of hits being churned out. Fernandez has recorded constantly for around 45 years, still claiming he has material for 300 more songs available to him. His fling with acting proved successful ever since La ley del monte was released in 1974, & in 20 years he has worked in 40 films, either on-screen or providing music.

Mariachi Amanecer de Pepe Mendoza and Mariachi de Jose Luis Aguilar first approached him when he was without a label. Through his work with these groups, he was introduced to Felipe Arriaga. Fernandez first burst onto the scene with "Perdoname", "Tu Camino Y el Mio" & "Soy de Abajo", hits that silenced critics who thought Solis's voice was irreplaceable. In the 70s, he ran riot with the movie La ley del monte & albums like El Rey, but it was "Volver Volver", a 1976 ranchera anthem that depicted a macho accepting guilt in a failed relationship, that established him as an icon. Building on his stellar reputation, Fernandez landed "Aunque me Duela el alma" & "La Mentira" in the 90s. After a three-year break, Fernandez struck again in 2006 with the classic La Tragedia del Vaquero, & he has constantly ruled the charts since with the blockbuster success of Para Siempre & Necesito de ti. He is the recipient of numerous Latin Grammys, Premio Lo Nuestro & Billboard Latin Awards.

Fernandez's humble nature has always endeared him to fans. He has performed free shows at country fairs to show his remembrance of his roots, & his live performances, which expanded internationally only in 1987, have made him a superstar. His reassurance to the audience that "if you keep applauding, I'll keep singing" is legendary, with his shows often stretching over three hours as he mesmerizes till the fans with Vicente Fernandez tickets get their money's worth. Once, after hearing news of his father's death backstage, Fernandez still went on to perform & complete the show, displaying his utter dedication to entertainment. Few Mexicans have made the traditional charro dress as famous as Fernandez. Everything from his demeanor to his lyrical content is simplistic yet awe-inspiring, & fans with Vicente Fernandez tickets will be clamoring for more once his California tour starts in mid-July.

Vicente Fernandez is a sensational Mexican artist, a singer and a produce without equal who has gained fame in the Mexican music world with his spectacular songs and mind blowing albums. For his work, he has earned numerous awards and had millions in sales. Aside from being an artist, he is also an accomplished actor who has starred in many a film. He is currently signed onto the record label, Sony Music, and has been active in the music world since 1968. Even today, his live performances are as exciting and energetic as they were back in his prime. Vicente Fernandez’s full name is Vicente Fernandez Gomez and he hails from Jalisco in Mexico. His one of a kind music has earned him the title of King of Ranchera Music, El rey de la canción ranchera, the undisputed king of the Mexican and Latin music world.

Vicente Fernandez started out his career as a street singer and slowly rose to fame. Today, he is a legend and a cultural icon with a discography more than fifty albums large. He has played roles in many movies and even his sons, Vicente Fernandez Jr and Alejandro Fernández have gone on to become popular singers. He has been performing live to jam packed, sold out audiences for over thirty five years and his music is best defined as ranchera. This is an old style of Mexican music that portrays the romantic life of ranches, caballeros and revolution. In figures, Vicente Fernandez has sold more than sixty five million copies all over the world, easily making him one of the Best Selling Artists alive today. He has won five Billboard & Univision Latin Music Awards and had fifty one of his albums certified multiplatinum, platinum and gold as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a ceremony attended by the largest number of people ever. Thus, for the most amazing Mexican and Latin music, better known as ranchera music, simply grab Vicente Fernandez Tickets.

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