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Vicente Fernandez Fresno is an upcoming live music concert which will take place at Fresno and Vicente Fernandez will be the highlight of the show. Fernandez who is an acclaimed Mexican musician, actor as well as a producer will be performing live to one of the most anticipated live shows ever. He was born on the 17th of February in 1940 and began his journey in the entertainment industry in 1968. He is widely known in the Latin world as being the King of Ranchera music or El rey Del la cancion ranchera and also Chente. When he first started out as a singer, he would sing on the streets for spare change and tips. Over the years, this phenomenal artist went from the streets to signing contracts with renowned music label companies and finally becoming the icon he has turned out to be. So far, Vicente has effectively recorded and released a total of 50 albums. He has also sung soundtracks of many different movies.

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Even though, English speaking people do not know much about him, yet all of his concerts have been completely sold out and all the venues he has ever performed in have been jam packed always. His music is so unique and pleasing to the ears, that it has the ability to drive anyone to listen to this legendary star live. For more than thirty five years, Vicente Fernandez has been performing live. His concerts are really something to look forward too. Fernandez has also successfully sold more than 65 million copies of his records all over the world.
The main music genres that you will get to hear at the Vicente Fernandez Fresno event will be ballad, bolero and ranchera. Fernandez officially became a part of the music industry in 1968 and has been active since then, providing the ultimate music experience to music fans across the world. The music recording Label Company that he is associated with is Sony Music Entertainment. In the spring of 1966, one of the most famous singers known as Javier Solis passed away. At that time, having heard Fernandez on the streets and becoming popular out there, the CBS Mexico record label company which is now known as Sony Discos gave him the opportunity of signing a record deal with them. Fernandez took this as a great opportunity and signed the deal. It was in 1966 that he first released his debut single on a label company which was called “Perdoname”.
Just from the first single that he recorded, Fernandez’s music career took off with great success. He was already famous on the streets and had a fan following, but with the release of the single his popularity grew even more as he was heard by the masses. His success has been uncontrollably superb since then. By 1971, he ventured into acting and was casted as a character in the movie called Tacos al Carbon. This turned out to being a mega hit movie. For this movie he recorded the song, La Ley del Monte which came out in 1974. For more than two decades of his acting ventures, he has not just acted in the movies that he has been a part of but also sung for them. So in totality, there are about forty movies so far for which Fernandez has sung for. He ended his acting career in 1991, yet carried on with his musical career.
This is without a doubt one of the best times to get your Vicente Fernandez Fresno tickets and experience a live concert that will be truly memorable. Fernandez is well known for working tirelessly for his live audiences and all of his live shows are absolutely brilliant. Whatever the venue might be, his fans are known to flock to his concerts and his shows are always sold out. One of the best part of his performances are that he vows to his audience at the start of his shows, that he will sing and perform till the audience gets tired but not him. His events are surely electrifying and last for nearly two or four hours at a stretch. When you see him performing live, he will always be wearing his signature style dressing which is the charro, also known to be an embroidered suit and the famous sombrero of his.
You can now book your cheap Vicente Fernandez Fresno tickets and enjoy a truly mind blowing and rocking event that you will cherish for a long time to come. 

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