Salsapalooza Andy Montanez Tickets

Salsa Palooza is among the biggest wine, food and salsa outdoor music festivals of the United States. The event is held every year and this time around it is going to take place at the Greater Orlando area. The show will present and celebrate the passionate Hispanic culture and its diversity through Latin Cuisine, lively salsa music and wines of different kinds for people having different tastes. The festival includes everything that is required to make an event memorable and to enjoy to the maximum. Do not miss an evening filled with food and music and purchase the cheap Salsa Palooza Andy Montanez tickets today.

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About Salsapalooza Andy Montanez

Salsa Palooza is filled with fun for everyone. For music and dance lovers, the festival is bringing sizzling salsa artists, featuring Andy Montanez, Jerry Rivera and Grupo Niche. The timbales player Tito Puente Jr. is going to be there for his charismatic performance as well. Lefty Perez from the famous “The Lefty Perez Show” is also going to present his orchestra to enhance the salsa atmosphere of the event. Other famous names from the music industry that are going to be featured in the Salsa Palooza include Eddie Santiago, Roberto Torres and Rey Ruiz.
Salsa Palooza, along with the music, also features stunning visual effects which focus on the salsa dance floor. The participants can not only watch the live performances by their favorite musicians but dance the night away to their favorite songs as well. There is nonstop music played by the best DJs and songs sung by the highest-caliber salsa musicians of the day. Apart from that, there are also colorful merchandise to purchase from the area named “Fiesta Marketplace”, where the attendees can purchase the finest wine, various signature beverages and other stuff. Being a cultural festival, it has a lot more to offer than just music.
Salsa Palooza food is cooked by the finest chefs belonging to the most loved restaurants of the city that have become trademark of the Salsa Palooza festival food. The signature Latin American dishes are presented by the chefs that have the liking for big names of the industry such as Jennifer Lopez, Scottie Pippen, Shakira, Robert De Niro and Andy Garcia. In order to taste this signature food at a fun filled event, you must attend the upcoming Salsa Palooza 2013 event which is ready to begin soon.
Salsa Palooza is also going to feature the famous Puerto Rican salsa singer Andrés Montañez. Montañez initially gained fame being the member of El Gran Combo, an internationally acclaimed band. With singles such as Ponme el alcoholado, Juana, Un verano en N.Y, Hojas blancas, Julia, Vagabund, El barbero loco and El Swing, he rose to fame almost immediately after getting into the music industry. He stayed with the band for almost fifteen years and during that time released thirty seven EPs. After that he joined the band Venezuelan group La Dimension Latina to further pursue his music career.
In the recent years, Andrés Montañez has collaborated with a number of famous salsa singers and musicians such as Ismael Miranda. With Miranda, he produced the bohemian and boleros music. In 2006, he experimented with the genres of salsa and reggaeton to form “salsaton.” He collaborated with rappers Julio Voltio and Daddy Yankee to create a new fusion of these music genres. He is the winner of one Latin Grammy Award in the category of “Best Traditional Tropical Album” along with Pablo Milanes. Montañez participated in a charity concert Somos Haiti for hurricane in 2008. Now he is going to team up with Jerry Rivera and Grupo Niche in the Salsa Palooza Festival to rock the dance floor. Attend the event by getting Salsa Palooza Andy Montanez tickets.

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