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Rosario and Lolita Flores is a sensational music concert featuring two singers, sisters to each other and born to a singer mother. Both originate from Madrid, the capital of Spain, and have been active in the world of flamenco and Latin pop music for a long time. To catch both of them performing together at one concert, book Rosario and Lolita Flores tickets. Rosario Flores has been active since 1992 and has released music through labels such as BMG Ariola since then. She has won two Latin Grammy Awards and is also an actress who has starred in a number of movies. As the daughter of an artist and sister to one, she has expanded her career to become one of the foremost in Latin music today. She has released ten albums to date; the first in 1992 and the latest in 2011. In Miami, she is best seen live with these fabulous Rosario Miami tickets, best tucked away in wait for her Miami appearance.

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The other half of the Rosario and Lolita Flores concert features an artist who has been active since 1970 and has released several albums since then. Lolita Flores is also an actress and has had her songs rank high on the charts. For her acting, she has won awards such as the Goya Award, one of the highest honors in the Spanish film industry. With her sister, she is set to perform live at a concert whose cheap Rosario Miami tickets are selling rapidly.