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The Latin musician Roberto Tapia finds inspiration in despair to make music. In moments of grief he says, he can best write songs and create music. Through his music he shares his pain of losing a loved one. He’s written quite a few of his songs after the end of a relationship with a partner. The agony within him urges him to write, he says.

About Roberto Tapia

Roberto Tapia belongs to San Diego. He moved to Culiacan when he was a kid with his parents. Roberto joined school at the age of nine and learnt to play the clarinet and drums. His grandfather taught him to play other instruments as well. Over the years Roberto continued practicing and his hard work at the Difocur cultural center paid off by earning him a chance to play for the Sinaloa state symphony orchestra. To be able to record his first album, Roberto’s mother sold her house to give him the needed funds. Over the years with every successful album and record Roberto wants to be able to earn enough money to buy his mother an even better and bigger house.
At the age of seventeen Roberto made his first ever official appearance at the opening show for El Lobito de Sinaloa in Tijuana as the Regional Mexican Music Artist. Over the years he kept playing at various shows as the opening artist. Eventually, he gained popularity and in 2002 signed a contract with Sony and launched his own album
Presently, Tapia has been singing corridos and incorporates the daily life of the common man in Mexico. The life is fast and everyone is busy with their own issues. Roberto sheds light on these issues with respect and love for the people of Mexico.If you want to enjoy a night of great Latin music don’t waste any more time and grab your Roberto Tapia tickets now. You can even benefit from packages offered for cheap Roberto Tapia tickets. A night of live Latin music will fulfill your need for a perfect night out.