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Mexican sensations, Zoe are about to make their way to the United States for the wonderful Reventon Super Estrella Zoe concert. They have been on a roll for years and have solidified their status among the biggest Latin stars in the world today. Now that they are heading over to the U.S. book your Reventon Super Estrella Zoe tickets and watch them live in concert.

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About Reventon Super Estrella Zoe

Zoe first came onto the music scene in the year 1997 but they trace their roots back to the middle of 1980’s. That was the time when Britpop had just started to catch the attention of the masses. Some musicians from Mexico then decided to merge grunge and Britpop together. That formed of Zoe. The group underwent quite a few changes in the line-up. In the meanwhile, their trademark sound had started to develop.
They wanted to take their popularity to the next level but for that they needed to perform properly and on a regular basis. There weren’t a lot of arenas that provided the right facilities so the group began to arrange their own concerts. They also used the internet to market their music and all that they were doing by then. All that hard work started to pay and Zoes music started to capture the imagination of the masses in the United States.
That led them to earning their first major recording label in the year 1998.  That deal however didn’t work out which forced the band to come out with their first album independently at the turn of the century. The recording did well enough to bring their way another recording contract, this time with “Sony Music.” The label then proceeded to take over distribution of the album and that went a long way in taking it to the masses. Songs likes “Miel,” and “Asteroide” were received very well.
Their next album was titled “Rocanlover” and hit music stores in the year 2003. The production of the album was done by Phil Vinall and it helped. It turned out to be another hit with the sound of the group becoming more refined and clear. Zoe then went on their own and released two very well received songs “Veneno” and “Love.” 2005 saw them come out with en EP titled “The Room.” It was a huge hit that sold well in excess of fifty thousand copies to earn gold status. With the success of the EP, the songs and the albums that came before it, Zoe started to get admiring glances from music producers from abroad.
The group then went on numerous tours and also started to work on their next album which was titled “Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea.” It was released on 12th July, 2006 and went straight to the pinnacle of charts in Mexico on its way to becoming an instant hit. The album had fans as well as critics purring over it and it went gold in just four weeks after its release.
It took Zoe around three years to release their next album titled “Reptilectric.” It was their fourth straight hit and took no time in getting platinum status in their native Mexico. “Musica de Fondo” was an unplugged album which contained a mixture of the band’s most popular tracks and some new ones. The effort was appreciated a lot and it brought Zoe’s way nominations at the famous Latin Grammy awards as well as MTV Europe Music Awards.
Zoe have been on the roll since they first came to the music scene. They are among the most celebrated names in Latin music these days and are not on their way to the United States to take part in a very special music festival. So book your cheap Reventon Super Estrella Zoe tickets and catch them live.

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