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Super Estrella’s annual tradition of holding the Reventon Super Estrella party, is one of the most exciting events among Spanish music fans where artists from Spanish pop rock, rock and alternative rock genres are invited to perform in the Los Angeles area. Super Estrella is the branding name of commercial trimulcast radio station KSSE/KSSC/KSSD of Southern California, broadcasting on FM 107.1.

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About Reventon Super Estrella El Tri

Originally launched in 1997, the station has been playing music from various sister genres of contemporary, traditional, and classic gospel while it was targeted mainly at the African-American communities. Today, however it is known to air Spanish hit music format and also happens to be the flagship station of radio network, Super Estrella. It now continues to function well with respect to urban competitors, and in 2007, it began to add three to four English tracks an hour, initially playing the then Nina Sky hit single, Move Ya Body. This year’s Reventon Super Estrella El Tri show will also be featuring some of the most renowned acts from Latin alternative music including rock bands El Tri, Molotov, Zoe, Los Amantes de Lola and pop rock singer NEK, among others. Given the incredible lineup, it is no surprise to see why Reventon Super Estrella El Tri tickets have become such a sought-after treat among Spanish rock music fans.
Mexican rock band El Tri that is part of the Reventon Super Estrella El Tri show’s lineup, was founded in 1968 under the title of Three Souls in the Mind, in Mexico City. Currently, comprising of Ramon Perez, Rafael Salgado, Oscar Zarate, Eduardo Chico, Chela Lora and Alex Lora, the band has gained recognition as one of the most influential acts in the development of the region’s rock music. Over the years, its sound has incorporated various styles such as those of rock, blues, blues-rock, acoustic rock, hard rock, and psychedelic rock, and has attained moderate success with its gold-certified albums. They have been described by Lonely Planet as Mexican rock’s grandfathers, while Rock en Espanol as called them the quintessential rock working-class outfit of Mexico. In the press, they have often been referred to as the Mexican version of British Rolling Stones, being raunchy and ancient and yet largely popular. Their songs cover a broad range of subjects and are written to portray the personal life experiences of frontman Alex Lora, but often also include topics requested by their fans. Generally, the group is reputed for its left-wing political perspective as well as critical viewpoints of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional, which has frequently been featured in their albums and songs.
Another act to perform at the Reventon Super Estrella El Tri show is Latin Grammy-winning Mexican psychedelic/alternative band Zoe, which was formed in 1994 in Mexico City but their membership only began to stabilize by 1997.  They have accomplished much success in their city as well as many Spanish-speaking countries with releases like Reptilectric, Zoe and Rocanlover, among others. When the group started out in Mexico in early nineties, Britpop was gaining popularity in the UK, which influenced their sound while they also incorporated elements of Seattle’s grunge trends. Zoe went through a phase of constantly alternating lineups alongside changing styles prior to finally stabilizing keyboardist Jesus Baez, bass guitarist Angel Mosqueda, drummer Alberto Cabrera, lead guitarist Sergio Acosta, and vocalist Leon Larregui. By the time their lineup became concrete, the band had taken considerable influence from The Beatles alongside grunge and Britpop.
Also performing at Super Estrella is the four-time Grammy-winning Mexican rock group Molotov, was formed in 1995, whose lyrical content mostly comprises of a combination of English and Spanish, sung and rapped by all members of the band. Musically, they mix heavy guitar riffs with dense basslines, and several of their songs including Frijolero and Gimme Tha Power are inspired politically, centering on issues about disenfranchisement in Mexico alongside immigration to the US. Make sure to grab some cheap Reventon Super Estrella El Tri tickets before they are all hogged.

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