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The world of music has gathered once again to pay tribute to one of the most talented artists of the decade. Prince Royce is here to present before you an event that will be unforgettable! Geoffrey Royce Rojas who is known as Prince Royce was born on 11th May, 1989 in New York City. He is an American musician, recording artist and record producer. He was born to a Dominican father who was a taxi driver and a Dominican mother, who worked at a beauty saloon. Royce is the second child of the family. His love for music can be traced back to the very early years of his life. He loved music from the very beginning and held onto any opportunity that came his way in order to show his talent to the world at large. At school he took part in the choir when he was studying at elementary level. Along with singing in the school’s choir he also took part in singing competitions and won various prizes. When he turned thirteen, he started writing poetry and it was this talent that later on turned into song writing.

About Prince Royce Tickets

Prince Royce has a kind of talent that could not go unnoticed. He was praised by his audience as well as by the critics from all around the world. This can be seen from the fact that at the very onset of his career he signed a contract with Top Stop Music label. His first album entitled Prince Royce was released in the year 2010 where as, it was recorded a year before i.e.2009.This album was a production of Sergio George, who was also the manager of the label Top Stop Music. His hard work and dedication to music worked for him and paved a way that led to his success. Royce’s first album proved to be an instant hit and reached at number position on the Billboard Tropical Albums charts.

The main single of the album Stand by Me appeared to be a cover of a song that was initially performed and composed by Ben E. King. This song was another hit for Prince Royce as it topped the charts in that season. It took first position on the Latin Tropical Airplay chart and also received 8th position on Top Latin Songs chart. The list of awards given to him as a means of acclaiming and recognizing the talent of this young artist did not stop here. Corazón Sin Cara, which was his second solo, proved to be another feather in the cap.It was a hit and like his previous songs topped the charts. It was considered as the number song on Latin Tropical Airplay chart.

Royce’s albums won Latin Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Tropical Album. He also has the privilege of recording a song, El Campo de Sueños, for Domingo de Grandes Ligas on ESPN with Sergio George.It was also made as the theme song for Domingo de Grandes Ligas on ESPN.His music is influenced by diverse forms of music including rock, techno, hip-hop, bachata, rap and pop. He was greatly influenced also by performers like Usher, Michael Jackson, Antony Santos, Juan Luis Guerra and Aventura, who with their presence on stage produce an aura, which is thrilling and full of excitement. Prince Royce tickets has been considered as one of the best emerging talent of the decade. Cheap Prince Royce Tickets will lead you into a magical world created by this young artist, who due to his immense talent has won the hearts of thousands of people from all around the globe. Soon you will be one of those fans too!


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