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Formed back in 1993, the Spanish quintet Pesado celebrates the music of its native land of Monterrey Nuevo Leon where the group was formed. With the vision of promoting the local sounds of the region the co-founders of the band Beto Zapata and Pepe Elizondo decided to form a group that will experiment with the sounds of the local instruments with their own way of storytelling. For its remarkable work, the group enjoys a good amount of fan following not just in Mexico but in all the Spanish speaking regions in the world. Over the years, the group has performed at various venues all across United States, and as the group heads out once again this time around, you too can be an audience to its performance with Pesado tickets.

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About Pesado

After its formation the group started making music that was hugely inspired by the Northern sounds of the region incorporating the instruments like accordion, and with music as such, soon the group started enjoying the love and admiration of all the listeners and its fans. In each of its recordings, the group is known for including some experimental and innovative element intelligently fused with the traditional Latin rhythms to devise something entirely new & unique. The heavenly music, when combined with the vocals results in to something that has a perfect blend of all the musical elements of Northern music.
Over the course of its existence, Pesado has gone over to release a number of recorded albums, most of which went on to enjoy Gold or Platinum status thanks to a large number of sales. Since its formation, the group has been able to dominate the Mexican music charts with the hits such as Te lo pido por favor, Llego el amor, Como le hago, No tengas miedo d llorar, Ayudame and Dia tras dia. The group’s two singles, Como le Hago and Pideme, went on to establish group’s repute as of the most successful ones and also secured a place for it in the Regional Mexican Billboard rankings. Moreover, the group also enjoys huge amount of fan following in United States.
In 2001, Pesado met with huge amount of commercial and critical success both in United States and Mexico following the release of its album called Tudo Toyo. The album featured group’s hit singles such as Dile, Loco, Llego tu amor, Tu Como si nada and Que voy a hacer. The album went on to enjoy Platinum status in Mexico and its tracks also received massive airplay on all of the major radio channels in Mexico and in America as well; also charting on various radio charts as well.
In 2002 the group once again managed to differ itself for rest of the groups from the same genre with the release of its album called Presente, Futuro. The album went on to receive platinum status in Mexico based on its high sales. The album featured hit singles like Lastima me das, Lagrimas amargas, Arrancame, and Mitad y mitad. The following the year, Pesado recorded and released its follow up album called No te la vas a acabar! This album turned out to be commercial success as well earning Gold Status with the hits like No valgo nada, No me acostumbro, and No te la vas a acabar! Also in the same year the group went on to celebrate its ten years of existence by recording a live album in the town where it all started back in 1993, Monterrey Nuevo Leon. The album was titled Pesado Directo 93-03… En Vivo Desde La Expo Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon. Like all its predecessors, this live album also enjoyed commercial success.
The group has been able to keep its fan following growing with hit single after another. Its live performances are usually high anticipated and attended by a large number of the listeners of the genre. So as it heads out for another go this time around, grab your cheap Pesado tickets today.

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