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Hailing from Mexico, Mariachi is one of the types of traditional music from in Mexico. All the groups or bands that play that kind of music are referred to as Mariachi groups or bands. The very early form of Mariachi music surfaced back when a type of music called Son Jaliscience started being played within the center of the west Mexico with stringed instruments. Later, as the people started migrating from rural areas to into urban areas like Mexico City and Guadalajara from 19th to 20th century; that style of music started to change a bit and the urbanized form of the Son Jaliscience started to be known as Mariachi. This modification or urbanization of the Son music also made way for the inspirations and influences coming in from other music types like waltzes and polkas. With this, several other instruments also became a part of the Mariachi music.

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Mariachi Divas

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Fiesta Navidad, Bf Mex & Mariachi Divas Lila Cockrell Theatre San Antonio Friday
12/15/2017 7:30 PM
Fiesta Navidad, Bf Mex & Mariachi Divas Lila Cockrell Theatre San Antonio Saturday
12/16/2017 7:30 PM

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When it comes to Mariachi music, the Mariachi Divas has earned quite some name for itself. The group was formed back in 1999 under the directions of its founder and also a trumpet player Cindy Shea. Since its formation, the Mariachi Divas has been able to cause quite a stir in the national and international music scene. The group has performed in different parts of the world, bringing its own flavor of Mexican music to diverse audiences. This all female ensemble is unique in its own right in a sense that it features multi-cultural lineup of female musicians which come from various descents like Tongan, Salvadorian, Panamanian, Peruvian, Mexican, Argentinean, Cuban and more. With so many descents playing music as one, the group takes music as a way to combine all the cultural backgrounds. In the year 2008, group came up with its studio album called Canciones De Amor for which the group went on to claim a Grammy Award in 2009 for the category of Best Regional Mexican Album of the Year. This also marked to be the first instance when an all-female Mariachi group was able to take home a Grammy Award in Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ history. After being blessed with that kind of success, Mariachi Divas is seen performing its music live in different parts of the world. As the group comes for yet another run of live performances, make sure you get your Mariachi Divas tickets in time.
Apart from performing live, Mariachi Divas also record and release its studio albums which are now distributed by East Side Records and Shea Records. In June 2009, the group released an album called 10 Aniversario which marked the completion of a decade since the group’s formation. The album also went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award. The June of the following year saw the release of yet another studio release called Viva La Diva. The group earned yet another Grammy Award for the category of Best Regional Album of the Year nomination in 2011 after it released yet another album called Orale. The most recent studio release from the group side happens to be Oye which also features a track that pays homage to Whitney Houston.
The group has also performed at various city and state events ever since it performed during the inaugurations of Arnold Schwarzeneggar as California’s Governor and Antonio R. Villaraigosa as Los Angeles’ Mayor. The Mariachi Divas also performed in Los Angeles Presidential Rally after it was invited by Senator Hillary Clinton. In 2008, the group also performed South Korean President. In 2007, the group also had a chance of surprising Luis Miguel during his birthday celebrations with its performance of Las Mananitas. With its fan base constantly growing, Mariachi Divas has been performing at various venues across the nation and as the group is out on road again now is the right time to be getting your cheap Mariachi Divas tickets.

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