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Country music is one of the most popular genres in the United States, and it can’t get any better for the fans of the genre than seeing their two of the most favorite country acts live at one stage. The fans will get to see Lucero sharing the stage with Son Volt this season in one of the most anticipated country music events of the year. Both the acts enjoy a massive fan following in their own rights, hence the Lucero Son Volt event is expected to be packed and full with the fans of their music. Performing hit after another, the fans can catch all of the excitement live with Lucero Son Volt tickets.

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About Lucero Son Volt

Hailing from Memphis, TN, Lucero is known for its special brand of country music with a flavor of soul & rock. The group was formed back in 1998, and played for the very first time as a band in 1998. As the group’s popularity grew larger, Lucero was seen performing around two hundred shows per year ever since 2001 allover Canada and United States. Group is quite known for touring so much throughout the year; hence Lucero happens to be a veteran when it comes to performing live. As far as the group’s recordings are concerned, it has released a total of eight studio albums by far. The group’s lineup comprises of Ben Nichols, Roy Berry, John C. Stubblefield, Brian Venable, Rick Steff, and Todd Beene. Lucero made its studio debut with the release of a self-titled album on Madjack Records in 2001. The following year, the group released its second album called Tennessee again on Madjack. The album did well critically and received four out of five stars from Allmusic, and four out of five stars from as well.
In 2008, the group signed a record deal with Universal Music Group and 1372 Overton Park was Lucero’s first album that came out on Universal in 2009. Comprised of twelve tracks, the album did considerably well critically. The album was also the first one by the band that featured a horn section. Women & Work is the group’s most recent studio album that came out by ATO Record on March 13, 2012. The album features more horn section along with the gospel chorus, keyboards and pedal steel guitar.
Joining Lucero on the event will be Son Volt whose Alternative Country tunes have amused the audiences for almost two decades now. The group saw its formation back in 1994 when it was formed by Jay Farrar, a former band member of the group named Uncle Tupelo. The group was formed after the breakup and final tour of the band Uncle Tupelo. On its final tour, Farrar was introduced to Dave Boquist and Jim Boquist. These three, along with the drummer of Uncle Tupelo Mike Heidorn started jamming together during the late 1994. The following year, the group formed as a band for the very first time in Minneapolis area. During the first few years of the group’s existence, Son Volt operated from both Minneapolis and St. Louis.
The group made its studio debut with the release of the album called Trace, which was embraced by huge amount of critical success. Even though the album wasn’t a big commercial success, still it managed to top many Best-of rankings during the year 1995. The next two albums that followed were Straightaways, and Wide Swing Tremolo released in 1997 & 1998 respectively. Just like their predecessors, both the album didn’t critically well, but not commercially. The group went on Hiatus after 1999, and in 2004, Farrar brought in an entirely new lineup of the group and released the album Okemah and the Melody of Riot. Following the release of its most recent album Honky Tonk Farrar will be touring with the band’s new lineup from now on. The fans of Son Volt and Lucero can catch both of the acts live with cheap Lucero Son Volt tickets. 

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