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Los Enanitos Verdes is an Argentinean rock band from the city of Mendoza in Argentina which has been active since 1979 and is one of the most famous rock bands in not only Latin America but also much of the world. Its rock music has been released in the shape of albums and hit singles by record labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music and EMI Music. At present, its lineup consists of lead vocalist, bassist and keyboardist Marciano Cantero, guitarist Felipe Staiti and drummer Daniel Piccolo. All of these rockstars can be seen live through Los Enanitos Verdes tickets, for a performance featuring the best in Spanish rock, a band whose songs have topped charts in all of Latin America and Argentina.

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About Los Enanitos Verdes

Los Enanitos Verdes was formed in 1984 and began performing over much of Argentian during the same year. Soon after, they went to the capital city, Buenos Aires, to record a demo album and then went on to perform live shows in the city and also in Mendoza. New members were added to the band, followed by the released of a self-titled album that contained the hit single Aun Sigo Cantando. In 1986, they came out with a second album titled as Contrarreloj which is Spanish for counterclockwise with producer Andres Calamaro. This album contained not one but three hit songs and was followed by the album Habitaciones Extranas which consisted of three more popular songs, produced also by Andres Calamaro.
In 1988, Los Enanitos Verdes went on tour and performed in Argentina, Chile and other parts of Latin America. Three of the band’s concerts were monumental; their Vina del Mar concert attracted a crowd fifty thousand large whereas their Mendoza concerts attracted thirty five thousand eager fans with cheap Los Enanitos Verdes tickets. In Chile, at the city of Santiago, they attracted over thirty two thousand people. After touring, they released the album Carrousel with the song Guitarras Blancas gaining much fame. The band then went on a three year hiatus with the lead vocalist, Marciano Cantero, embarking on his solo career.
In 1992, Los Enanitos Verdes reformed and released the sensational album, Traccion Acustica through the US record label, Polygram Records. It made them the very first band in Argentina to be signed onto a US label and the third in Argentina with artists included. They went on to received a Grammy Award nomination for the Best Latin Rock Album. In 2000, they were part of the Watcha Tour in which they performed seventeen live concerts which many watched live via Los Enanitos Verdes tickets.
In 2003, Los Enanitos Verdes was again on tour, this time being supported by artists such as Alejandra Guzman. In Chile, they earned the Festival de Vina del Mar award. Their discography is seventeen studio albums large with the latest being 2010’s Ineditos.

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