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Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes is a concert featuring two of the best known Latin American artists, each having sold millions of albums and won several awards. This is a concert that is a must see by all those fond of Latin American music, particularly merenque, bachata, Latin pop and salsa. Each is renowned for attracting thousands to his live concerts; both are a treat not to be missed, by booking Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes tickets and catching them live on stage.

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About Juan Luis Guerra Juanes

Juin Luis Guerra is a Dominican artist from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Added to being a singer, songwriter and musician, he is also a record producer, arranger and composer. He plays the guitar and the piano, having been active in the music industry since 1984. He has released music through record labels such as EMI Records and performed with artists such as 440, Juanes and Enrique Iglesias. In total, his albums have sold more than thirty million copies all over the world. He is an artist to catch live on stage, after ordering cheap Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes tickets.
One of the artists playing live at the Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes, he is the recipient of twelve Latin Grammy Awards, two Latin Billboard Music Awards and two Grammy Awards. In 2010 alone, he won three Latin Grammy Awards, one of which was for the best Album of the Year. His style of pop music combines bolero, meringue with Afro-pop and Latin fusion music, a style that has gained much fame all over the world. He is one of the artists performing live at the Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes concert.
He has also been honored by UNESCO as an Artist for Peace, recognizing his iconic efforts in assisting children in need and with disabilities. He is the recipient of a honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music, also where he learned music. His songs have also ranked first on the charts, with some spending over seventeen weeks at first place. He is one half of the Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes concert.
Juanes is a Colombian artist best known for his Latin pop music, which he has been performing all over the world since 1988. He is from Medelin in the province of Antioquia in Colombia. He is a singer, a songwriter and a musician who plays the guitar and keyboards, often at live concerts such as the Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes music concert. His music has been released by labels such as Universal Music Group. He has performed and worked with artists and bands such as Ekhymosis, Laura Pausini, Nelly Furtado, Colbie Caillat and Juan Luis Guerra.
Once a member of famous Columbia heavy metal outfit, Ekhymosis, he launched a highly successful solo career in rock in 2000. He became an instant hit overnight, with his first album winning three Latin Grammy Awards. To date, he has sold more than fifteen million albums, a record. His second album, released in 2002, was certified platinum in many Latin American countries. He released three more album by 2010 and after a two year gap, his latest album was released in 2012, much to the joy of his millions of fans all over the world. Combine him with the thirty million album selling Juin Luis Guerra and you have a mind blowing concert, seen easily by those who book Juan Luis Guerra & Juanes tickets now.

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