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Cuba is not just famous for its world-renowned cigars but also for eclectic music. The depth of the music coming out of Cuba is enhanced by the years of struggles that the local populace have been enduring due to the sanctions imposed by successive US administrations since the revolution. One artist that has played an instrumental role in shaping the Cuban musical milieu is Juan de Marcos González. He has been a longtime member and leader of the Afro-Cuban All Stars music band and has been a mentor to many prominent Cuban musicians over the decades. Some of them such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Manuel 'The Guajiro' Mirabal, Rubén González and Guillermo Rubalcaba have gained international recognition and acclaim. If you have been pinning for some salsa and bolero music or want to treat your ears to something other than the pop and hip hop, some Juan de Marcos tickets are just what the doctor should have ordered. Juan has approached music with surgical precision, what with having been classically trained at the Havana Conservatory and majoring in Hydraulic Engineering as well as English and Russian languages at university.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Juan de Marcos & The Afro-Cuban All Stars Berklee Performance Center - Boston Boston Sunday
1/14/2018 7:30 PM
Juan De Marcos Valley Performing Arts Center Northridge Friday
1/19/2018 8:00 PM

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About Juan De Marcos

Growing up in the late 1950s and the 1960s, he was in the throes of the Cuban revolution and was heavily influenced by the eclectic music that was produced in the aftermath. Genres such as son montuno, timba, rumba, abaku, salsa, guajira, bolero and chachachá have been all the rage since then. It was their enduring appeal and richness of style that convinced Juan to forego his work in the Agronomic Science Institute and turn towards music as a full-time profession at the onset of the 1990s. However, Juan has been in various musical acts since his university days. In 1976 he created the Sierra Maestra, an outfit that aspired to be seen in the same light as a professional band and so ingrained a whole set of instruments ranging from trumpets, bass, percussion, tres and vocals. By the mid-nineties, Juan reached out across the Atlantic and began working with the World Circuit record label that is based in London and released the album Dundunbanza. However, this was not a solo recording for Juan as the studio offering was the result of collaborating with the Buena Vista Social Club and Ry Cooder, a US based guitarist. This recording also signified the closure of this legendary association that had defined Havana’s musical landscape for over half a century. However, Juan de Marcos was instrumental in getting the musicians that had been affiliated with the club hired onto the World Circuit label.

He also arranged various European and American tours, especially for the Afro-Cuban All Stars. Your cheap Juan de Marcos tickets will be instrumental in enabling you to enjoy an eclectic mix of sensational Cuban music. The first album released by the Buena Vista Social Club was A Todo Cuba De Gusta in 1997 that besides Juan and other member musicians of the club, most notably featured Rubén González. The club’s namesake album materialized as a result of collaborating with other accomplished artists such as Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo and Compay Segundo. The solo record credited to Rubén González was a remarkable achievement considering that it was recorded on a limited budget in just two back-to-back live sessions. Juan De Marcos was the critical factor in making this album possible and it all paid off in the form of its unprecedented success. The Afro-Cuban All Stars have a quartet of Grammy Nominations to their credit that are a testament to Juan De Marcos’s multi-faceted musical abilities. The overwhelming success of the respective musical recordings have seen Juan De Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All Stars perform at world renowned venues such as Amsterdam’s Le Carre, the famous Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico. 2005 saw Juan achieve significant milestones in creating two companies, one on each side of the Atlantic, namely DM Ahora! LTD based in London and GG and LL records in Mexico. Use your Juan de Marcos tickets to get an earful of this legendary Latin music artist and inject some much needed pizzazz into your life.

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