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Jenni Rivera stepped into the music industry back in 1993, and since then till today, she has come a long way. Currently she enjoys huge amount of appreciation for her work in the genres of nortena and banda. With more than twenty million album sales to her name, Rivera is among some of the most successful Mexican American singers of our time. For her outstanding work, Rivera also received Latin Grammy Award nominations in 2003, 2008 and 2010. Apart from being a successful musician, Rivera is also a renowned entrepreneur. Rivera’s fandom spreads all across United States, which is why she was able to perform two consecutive sold out Jenni Rivera concerts in Los Angeles California at the Nokia Theatre in August 2010. Prior to that, she also set the record for being the first Banda musician ever to perform a fully packed Jenni Rivera concert in Gibson Amphitheatre located in Universal City, California. Apart from recording and performing live, Rivera also stars in a show called I Love Jenni. Moreover, she is also the producer of two TV reality shows called Chiquis & Rag C and Mun2. Both of these shows are of Janney Marin, Rivera’s oldest daughter.

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About Jenni Rivera

Born to Mexican immigrant parents living in Long Beach, California, Jenni Rivera had a spark for the love of music ever since she was exposed to Regional Mexican music by her father and brothers. Rivera, who originally worked as a real estate agent and was a student of Business Administration, never knew that one day she would turn out to be a huge star.
It was in 1993 when Rivera kicked off her career as a musician, when she started recording and performing live. Although Jenni Rivera concerts attracted moderate amount of audience members to the venue, but it wasn’t until 1999 when she really started flaunting her talents as a worthy songwriter. Since Rivera was born in a musical family, music was in her bloodline there wasn’t anything that she was more comfortable doing except for making music. She had a flair for music ever since she was a child, and that is when she decided to take music as her aspired career. For Rivera, her father and brothers became the first source of inspiration as soon as she saw them recording in studios and performing Nortenas and Corridos. At that point, Rivera had no idea that one day she’ll be selling out Jenni Rivera concert tickets in future for her highly anticipated live performances in near future.
Over the years Rivera has also performed and collaborated with numerous other musicians. She has performed Not in Love with Lupillo Rivera, Love with Akwid, Bury me with the Band and Indian Blood with Marco Antonio Solis, The Best of My Life with Paulina Rubio, Enough is Enough with Ricky Martin, Eternally Beautiful with Alejandra Guzman, and Ni Rosas Ni Toys with Gloria Trevi.
Apart from being a highly commercially successful musician in Mexico, Rivera also enjoys massive fan following in United States which is the reason why she has performed several sold out concerts in various venues across United States including Gibson Amphitheatre, San Jose Convention Center and the Nokia Theatre. In 2009, Jenni Rivera also set the record of being the first ever regional Mexican female musician to receive seven award nominations at the Billboard Awards.
Throughout her career, Jenni Rivera has released more than a dozen albums and with each one of her albums, she grew as a musician. In every album and recording that Rivera has release to date, she has put her heart and soul into it. With her hard effort and love for music, she has made sure that each one of her albums gives nothing but the best of her to her fans. Like always, she intends to do so this year as well with her live performances, so grab your cheap Jenni Rivera concert tickets today. 

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