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The Brazilian dance company Grupo Corpo is all set to storm the US the stages this season with exciting new performances and dance numbers. Famous for their theme based and thought provoking productions, the contemporary dance company has established international repute since its inception in 1975. The company continues to grow annually, alluring masses at their every event. The company’s productions are known to question the viewer’s perceptions of modern dance and ballet. The group delivers highly stylized and grand theatrical marvels that leave the audiences in awe. The Corpo celebrates the Brazilian spirit through a unique mix of ballet form and Latin American dance, fusing the two to make its own body movement that oozes multi-cultural passion. The dance company has become a powerful and influential force, spreading the Brazilian DNA throughout the world with mega shows being staged in Mexico, Canada, Japan, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Italy, Lebanon, South Korea as well as Iceland. This season, the company will once again engulf the US stages with eye-catching and beautifully choreographed dance performances. The audience is eagerly waiting to get their hands on Grupo Corpo tickets to witness another dance wonder by the company.

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Grupo Corpo

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Grupo Corpo Ohio Theatre - Playhouse Square Cleveland Cleveland Saturday
1/20/2018 7:30 PM
Grupo Corpo Ohio Theatre - Playhouse Square Cleveland Cleveland Sunday
1/21/2018 3:00 PM
Grupo Corpo Shubert Theatre - MA Boston Friday
1/26/2018 7:30 PM
Grupo Corpo Shubert Theatre - MA Boston Saturday
1/27/2018 8:00 PM
Grupo Corpo Shubert Theatre - MA Boston Sunday
1/28/2018 3:00 PM

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About Grupo Corpo

Grupo Corpo was founded by a group of talented choreographers and dancers including Cristina Castillo, Miriam Pederneiras, Carmen Purri, Rodrigo Pederneiras and Paulo Pederneiras. The group debuted on stage in 1976 with Maria Maria, a production choreographed by Oscar Araiz with music by Milton Nascimento. The show was a hit amongst the audience and critics. It toured over fourteen countries and continued running in Brazil for six years, setting a local record. In 1978, Rodrigo Pederneiras choreographed his first show for the company, Cantares. With music by Marco Antonio Araujo, Cantares managed to enthrall masses and set the premise for Rodrigo’s future role as the permanent resident choreographer for the dance group. 1985’s Preludes gave Rodrigo his first major breakthrough as a choreographer. The production highlighted his strong sense of music that helped him to draw a new structure for the acts, consisting of a coherent and harmonic balance between language, movement and music principles. Rodrigo started using various elements and instruments for their incidental value rather than decorative purposes. Lights, costumes and stage, all became a part of the active performances, forming more complex and engaging acts, where every form of art complemented each other. 
The dance group continued to deliver highly conceptual stories on stage, all wrapped with controlled and accurate body movements. In 1989’s Missa do Orfanato, Rodrigo used Mozart’s music and composed a show highlighting the melodies through molded, extended, bended and twisted bodies. Costumes were customized for each character, giving them weight and meaning to create an impactful live act. During the same year, Corpo collaborated with another guest choreographer Suzanne Linke. A German choreographer, Suzanne managed to add another feather to the company’s cap by producing an eye-opening show titled Women in 1989. In 1992, another production, 21, proved to be a milestone for the company. 21 set a new precedent for all local dance companies and managed to reshape the international perception of Brazilian-style dance. Employing the music of Marco Antonio, the show was rhythmically composed with arrangements signifying mathematical numbers. For the past three decades, the dance company has produced amazing shows including Nazareth, Enigma Variations, Three Concerts, Uakti, Rhapsody, Schuman Ballet, Duo, Songs, Bachiana, Sonata and Last Train amongst others. Some of the more recent productions by the company include Without Me, Breu, Onqoto and Santagustin. The company has worked with numerous musicians over the years such as Lenine, Ernesto Lecuona, Tom Ze, Arnaldo Antunes, John Bosco, Edward Elgar and Telemann. The company will be showcasing another successful performance in the US this year. The audience and fans are already on a lookout for cheap Grupo Corpo tickets to catch Grupo’s live show.
With more than thirty five productions to their name, the company has already delivered more than two thousands performances around the world. Every year, the company showcases over seventy shows that are witnessed by thousands of fans. The company operates and supervises ten ballets, apart from a pool of highly skilled dancers. This year’s theatrical production by the company can be witnessed live by grabbing Grupo Corpo tickets.

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