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As a young girl, Gloria Trevi had a passion for show business. This passion led her onstage at the age of seven when she performed for local audiences in her hometown. Edged on by the cheering of the crowd, Trevi decided that she would pursue a career as a singer and dancer, no matter what it takes. At the age of thirteen, she left her family and made her way to Mexico City, looking for her big break. A short scholarship with the Televisa Singing Academy enabled her to become eligible for trying out for a part in an all-girl group. With her talent and musical capability, she impressed producer and musician, Sergio Andrade and bagged the last spot on the all-girl group Boquitas Pintadas. Although the group disbanded in 1988, it started a new beginning for Trevi. In 1989, Sergio Andrade helped Gloria Trevi launch her solo career. And since then, there has been no looking back for this iconic Mexican superstar. This year, she goes on a tour to celebrate the success of her latest album. For those who want to catch this artist live, Gloria Trevi tickets are now available for purchase.

About Gloria Trevi


Over the last twenty-five years, Gloria Trevi has become a huge Mexican pop-star. Extremely iconic in her style and music, she is often referred to as the Mexican Madonna; a title befitting one of the most influential and popular pop-stars of Mexico. With a discography of sixteen studio and compilation albums and a repertoire of hit singles, Trevi has earned the fame and fortune and became an icon for girls all over Latin America.


Her debut album, Qué Hago Aquí?, translated to What Am I Doing Here?, gave Trevi instant commercial fame and critical appreciation. Selling over two million copies, the album gave her first smash hit singles Dr. Psiquiatra, Satisfecha and Mañana. Her second album, released in 1990, made waves internationally and gave her some of her most recognizable hits including Pelo Suelto, Agárrate and Tu ángel de la guarda. Her third album further cemented her place in the music industry as it sold more than five million copies. The albumgave her super hit singles like Me Siento Tan Sola, La Acera De Enfrente and Con Los Ojos Cerrados and followed with one of the longest tours of her career . Her fourth album ventured into experimental rock genres as she sang of life in Mexico through her songs. Her following five studio releases boosted her international fame. With this album, she peaked on US charts and attracted audiences with her powerful vocals and engaging performances.


One of the defining characteristics that set Trevi apart from her contemporaries is the shock value of her musical preferences. Instead of conforming to the popular image of a teenage pop-star singing of young love and romance, Trevi broke away from tradition by daring to sing about relatively taboo themes. Provocative topics such as drug trafficking, religion, war and prostitution were often the subjects of her songs and she made it a point to bring these into popular discourse. Her performances were, and still continue to be, a strict defiance of social constructs of propriety. Her music is an ode to her stand against misogyny and she frequently channels feminist themes in her songs and her performances. Her comparison to the likes of Madonna and Sinead O’Connor are testament to her outspoken nature and her ability to voice her opinions.


Often regarded by some as a controversial figure, there is no doubt that Gloria Trevi has fashioned a great career for herself by virtue of her non-conformist attitude. Enjoying an international fan base, she has paved the way for other female singers to shape their own career and image instead of molding themselves to fit popular demands. For those looking for a unique experience, this is one act that might provide just the right amount of sugar and spice. Gloria Trevi tickets can now be purchased for her latest tour.