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Spanish Music has a charm like no other in the world, and this charm and enthusiasm is evident in the beautiful rhythms and lively compositions that are a characteristic of this genre. Enrique Bunbury y Zoe bring these qualities of Spanish music to the culmination with their outstanding performance. Spanish singer and song writer Enrique Bunbury, born with the real name of Enrique Ortiz de Landázuri Izardui in 1967 belongs to Zaragoza, Spain. He has been enjoying fame as a rock star for over 3 decades now, and his popularity has gone international for last many years. Active in the Spanish music industry since 1984, Enrique Bunbury has created music that is peculiar in its rhythm and has the true beauty of Spanish music.

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About Enrique Bunbury y Zoe

Enrique’s talents as a musician became evident during his childhood while he was in his high school. His first step towards professional career in music was a group that he joined during his high school named Apocalipsis. There, his fellows recognized his outstanding capabilities and he had a chance to polish his skills as an artist. Later on, he also worked with Proceso Entropico, another teen band in his area.
Enrique Bunbury started his career as a vocalist in a local band named Zumo de Vidrio in 1984, and soon gained some recognition in the neighboring areas. His stage name Bunbury was an inspiration from a stage play named The Importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Soon afterwards, his career took a flying start as he collaborated with the band named Heroes del Silencio. After the band broke up in 1996, Enrique embarked on a successful solo career that was marked by the release of his first album named Radical Sanora. It was a commercial success, and encouraged him to release his second album, with his famous wish to reinvent himself, named Pequerio. The new album was altogether different from his initial work, and brought him mixed reviews by the critics. However, this experimentation provided him with the variety in his music that he always desired, and could not be called as a failure.
Enrique Bunbury remained in a low profile as far as his musical career is concerned during early 2000s. it was not before 2007 that the musician has emerged to the mainstream Hispanic music scene with his new releases as well as concert schedules. His career seems to have a great future ahead as his music has a lasting impression on Spanish audience as well as international music lovers.
When we talk about Spanish music, we simply cannot ignore another great icon in the industry, Zoe. Mexican alternative/psychedelic band Zoe was formed in 1994, and has ever since been popular among many Spanish speaking and Spanish music loving countries across the globe. Zoe was formed with an inspiration from Britpop movement in the United Kingdom, and had many major reconfigurations before stabilizing with its line up in 1997. The self titled first album by Zoe was released in 2000 that brought the group some attention by many commercial music giants including Sony Music. It contained some great hits, and was followed by Rocanlover, the second album in 2003. The subsequent albums released by Zoe in 2000s included The Room, Rocanlover, Memo Rex Commander and Reptilectric, all being commercially and critically acclaimed. The band comprises of Leon Larregui on vocals, Jesus Baez on keyboards, Sergio Acosta on lead guitars, Rodrigo Guardiola on drums and Angel Mosqueda on bass guitars.
For people who have a taste for Spanish music, Enrique Bunbury y Zoe tickets promise a great entertainment and a chance to witness some memorable performances by two of the outstanding icons in this genre.

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