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Originally named as Elena Vladimirovna Khrulyeva, the famous Russian singer and song writer Elena Vaenga was born on 28th, January 28, 1977 in the region of Murmansk in the  in the famous Severomorsk which happens to be a the capital city Northern Navy. Elena Vaenga has got everything that is required to be a creative person a wide range of songs, style of performances, a very strong voice, the intensity for emotions, diffusion of texts and the sincerity, in which there is no superfluous word, with every word as clear and crystal and very understandable, and impressive talent of recreation and imagination, along beautifully generated characters and pictures from a subtle, touching, classic Romance mingled with her the earthly and sophisticated Blues till free, hooligan of Ordynka. Her first song was written by her at tender age nine years, was titled as Doves which won her a Competition of All Union which was especially for the Young Composers. Elena Vaenga has formally received a classical music education. With a great love for music and serious about her concerns, she has a big pool of musical CDs. Her favorite instruments include guitar and piano. After completing her high school, Elena Vaenga came to St. Petersburg and did her graduation from the Music College.

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About Elena Vaenga

From her childhood she had dreamt of becoming an actress and in order to accomplish that she also entered Theatre Academy but did not complete due to reason that she got a an invitation from Moscow to record her debut album. While at Moscow her debut album got recorded but not it was yet to see the light of success, and the song which Elena Vaenga sang included Arrows, Ladybird. After a creative period of one year at Moscow she moved on. Elena Vaenga pulled back to St. Petersburg, because she had to complete her education. While in St. Petersburg, where she was enclosed by the love of her family and friends who were there with her, she could create and enjoy living the music and write and sing songs. Elena Vaenga started her concerts when she was only 19 years old;

She is also the winner of the St. Petersburg Popular Song 1998'with the her song Gypsy, also the Worthy Song 2002. Elena Vaenga has also participated in the famous festivals of concerts such as, the Spring of a romance, the Free song over free Neva and the Neva breeze. Moreover, in a recreation centre of M.Gorky, Elena Vaenga has also given some solo concerts. She also goes on tour across the country very often. Her range includes Russian romances from old times, contemporary type of romances along with ballads and folk songs. Elena Vaenga secured the first prize by winning the Gold Record Player in 2009 for her song I Smoke. With 2010 she got the Gold Record Player Award for the second time for her song Airport. With her song Absent, in 2010, she became first winner of the 'Song of the Year.
Most recently this talented singer has also participated in the annual National Award in 2011 in the Chanson of Year in the Kremlin. With every passing day she is becoming more and more famous and developing fans all over the place. Getting more voted than Leonid Agutin in January, 2011 Elena Vaenga won a musical ring at the NTV channel. She has till date written more than 800 songs which is a great achievement as a song writer. A real treat for her numerous fans, the St. Petersburg was her solo concert in DC Gorky along with the presentation of her new album which was titled as Portrait. After that she also did a solo performance live in a concert at Concert Hall.

Elena Vaenga has an original and expressive style of performance and a voice, with the original tone. Vaenga Elena has won deserved popularity and love among the fans of Russian songs. Officially, Elena gives concerts since 1990 and had her debut in Moscow. While her creativity and the Moscow period lasted only one year. Elena Vaenga has also experimented with rock and roll. Elena Vaenga delights and amazes all with her creative range of songs, she is incredible on stage. Get your Elena Vaenga tickets to see this amazing Russian Cabaret Singer performing live on stage. Listening to her record may be fun but her voice is extremely entrancing when listen to it live. To listen to her performing live you don’t have to be in Russia she often visits America and other parts of the world to give some of the most sought after live shows. If you are truly looking for a unique sound then you really have to grab your Elena Vaenga tickets and attend her concert. So hurry up and get your tickets today!

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