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El Concierto De Los Enamorados Tickets Tickets

El Concierto de Los Enamorados tickets bring one of the most anticipated Latin pop/rock concert of the year. It is a showcase of two wonderful headline acts Marco Antonio Solis and Franco De Vita. Another big attraction of the concert is a guest performance by La 5a Estacion’s lead singer Natalia Jiminez. El Concierto de Los Enamorados: Marco Antonio Solis, Franco De Vita, y Natalia Jiminez offers you a chance to sing and dance to live Latin pop and fused rock. It presents the most popular Latin pop/rock artists who have become the blood of Latin mainstream music. The concert is loaded with the best loved hits by the two headliners, Marco Antonio Solis, and Franco De Vita. Jiminez’s performance is also a wonderful attraction; it is going to be a surprise for everyone coming to the show.

About El Concierto De Los Enamorados Tickets

Marco Antonio Solis without any doubt is one of the most important artists in contemporary Latin music. His contribution to Latin pop has made Mexican/Latin music very appealing and attractive to all music lovers. Marco’s commercial success and critical acclaim allowed the world to see his work and appreciate the genre‘s originality and charm. He is an important figure of Latin music, whose his popularity especially increased in the eighties and the nineties.
El Concierto de Los Enamorados takes you through the musical journey of this artist which began in his early adolescence. Solis started off playing music with his brother with a band called Los Hermanitos. In the early part of the seventies he formed his band Los Bukis. Los Bukis was a very special ensemble in the history of Latin music. It introduced its impression on Mexico’s native and traditional norteo and tejano music. The southwest of the United States liked and absorbed this music really well. Solis realized his strength once his band became a big name of the genre. He decided to go solo soon after. His efforts in this direction bought him mega success; he won multi-platinum certifications for his LPs like Inalcanzable, Por Amor a Mi Pueblo, Quiereme and Trozos de Mi Alma. Solis entered the millennium with his first live compilation set titled En Vivo and En Vivo, Vol. 2. These two along with Mas de Mi Alma (2001) became a his best selling albums.
Solis remained a favorite of mainstream music listeners as well as Latin music lovers. His hit singles Si No Te Hubieras Ido and Cuando Te Acuerdes de Mi made him sensation on the Billboard’s Latin charts. In 2003, the artist became very active in the studio releasing his first compilation La Historia Contina along with a split album Dos Grandes. At the end of the year he also released Razon de Sobra. Trozos de Mi Alma, Vol. 2 became a big hit of 2006; it topped charts produced with the single Antes de Que Te Vayas. This album brought Solis’ first Grammy nomination. Marco has been touring actively in the past two years. His concerts are in response to the high demand of fans who want to see him perform live. El Concierto de Los Enamorados tickets offer a chance to see him perform in the first slot of the show.
Franco De Vita is also a main headlining act of the El Concierto de Los Enamorados. This Venezuelan pop/rock artist has been responsible for bringing a zing to the sound of Latin pop with his version of rock. He came to music as the front man of the band Icaro. He was mainly involved in singing and writing songs for the band. While working on the first album released under the band’s name, De Vita felt that it was not his cup of tea. He left the band in 1983 to work on his debut full-length album titled Franco de Vita. This album was released in 1984 with Fantasa following in its footsteps in 1986. Until the monster hit Solo Importas Tu happened DeVita was just a mediocre Latin artist who was just famous in Venezula. This hit song followed by Solo Importas Tu brought the artist to Sony. Al Norte del Sur became the first mainstream album that bagged huge commercial success, general and critical acclaim. From here onwards, Extranjero, Voces a Mi Alrededor, Nada Es Igual and Stop cemented his name as an iconic Latin pop/rock star.
To witness the live side of Sois and De Vita and have a great night out with friends, get hold of cheap El Concierto de Los Enamorados tickets. Have fun!

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