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The island of Puerto Rico has given to us some of the most gifted artists ever! While it is next to impossible to list them all, however the names that instantaneously come to mind are of Ricky Martin, Willie Colon, Jim Jones, Marc Anthony, and Jose Feliciano, amongst others. But there is one more name which has enthralled us for years with his melodious voice as well as super-hit records; that voice is none other than Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known as Chayanne. One of the best Latin pop singers of all time, he has given us some of the most loved singles in the Latin world. In return, he has been bestowed upon with one prestigious award after another, in addition to tremendous love he has received from millions of his fans, all over the world.

About Chayanne

Chayanne, as mentioned earlier, was born and brought up in Puerto Rico, where his parents still live. He, however, along with his family, resides in Miami, Florida. It is interesting to note that as a kid he was named "Chayanne" by his mother, since he was deeply and madly in love with Cheyenne, a 1960s television series. This goes on to show that he took keen interest in performing arts from the very beginning. And perhaps that is why he auditioned for a famous Puerto Rican boy band, ‘Menudo’, when he was not yet even a teenager. He was so good even then that the producer could not say no to him out rightly, however, he could not join the band, since he was too young. He would later join another band, Los Chicos.
By buying Chayanne tickets today, you stand a chance of watching him sing "Ave Maria", and "Puerto Rico Son Los Chicos", two of the mega-hits from his Los Chicos years, which ended when the band disbanded in 1984. This was a blessing in disguise, since he started his own solo career during the same time. The year 1984 saw him signup with a major record producing company, RCA Ariola, and releasing his debut album, Chayanne es mi Nombre. The album had hit songs like "Sexy", "Chinatown", "De dos en dos", and "Chayanne es mi nombre". The fans fell instantaneously in love with him and the critics were raving. Allmusic rated it with 3/5 stars.
Cheap Chayanne tickets now and you may also get to watch him play stuff from his second album, Sangre Latina. That his fans loved this one as well is no news, but what made the headline news was that even the tough music critics were in awe with Allmusic rating the album with 4/5 stars. Sangre Latina had hot Latin numbers like "Vuelve", "Amo una estrella", and "Sangre Latina", amongst others. Chayanne caught his biggest break however in 1987 when he signed up with Sony Music. His first album with the music powerhouse was called Chayanne, carrying chart-bursting songs like "Fiesta En America", "Peligro de Amor", "Te Deseo", and "Tu y Yo". He has gone on to release even bigger and better albums and songs ever since 1987.
More recently, he has released albums like Mi Tiempo, Chayanne: Vivo (live), No Hay Imposibles, and A Solas Con Chayanne. The last one is actually his most recent album, released only this year and is a live album based on his Mexico’s concert at the Auditorio Nacional. In Mexico, the album has already been certified gold record, with over 30,000 sales.  By being at his upcoming concert you are more than likely to be treated with his most recent songs from his latest albums. This essentially means that by being at his upcoming concert you can make up for all of his missed concerts in the past!
Chayanne is loved by his fans, no matter where they are, no matter who they are! He is especially loved by the ladies, for whom he is as charming as ever. So before all the tickets are gone, and they have already started to go out fast, get your Chayanne tickets now, and treat your loved one with the finest Latin pop concert of the year!