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The pioneers in reviving Spanish rock, Caifanes is ready to set the stage ablaze with its powerful tunes and amazing music in a live concert! The group had been in the news due to its reunion and now will be hitting the roads to treat its fans with all the hit singles live. So that a lot of people can attend the concerts, cheap Caifanes tickets have been announced by the management.

About Caifanes Tickets

Caifanes appeared on the music forefront in the late eighties with its hybrid music style and was initially formed by members of an already existing Spanish band as a side project. The two member group performed in parties and local clubs and enjoyed performing around Mexico by presenting music of their choice. Its musical approach was different and clashed with the dominating bands of the era that focused on happy pop tunes and ballads. The group offered dark lyrics and soared high in the music scene for being distinctly hybrid. Things did not stay smooth for the group throughout its career and they had to face a lot of ups and down. The initial lineup of the band consisted of Saul Hernandez, Salvador Romo, Alejandro Marcovich and Alfonso Andre. All being exceptionally talented, wanted things to go their way which created a clash between them and led to the breakup of the group in the mid nineties.
During its tenure from the late eighties till the middle of next era, the group released four studio albums. Its first live concert was conducted in 1987 in one of the famous venues of the Mexican City and got a phenomenal response. The building was filled beyond capacity and there were many others who couldn’t get in. The group’s first album was released after the live concert and recorded great sales. Although the sound of its music represented clear influence from another British Band, ‘The Cure’ and the critics even reported it to be its replica in Spanish language, but this did not distract the group. With confidence in its talent, Caifanes brought a change in its style by incorporating elements from Mexico’s varied tunes in its own songs.  
Caifanes second album was released in 1990 and was inclined more towards the rock genre. It wasn’t only the music but also the songwriting that kept it in the limelight. The members represented the rock and Latin genres in a completely different style in Mexico which got it instantly noticed by the audiences. Apart from this, their out of the ordinary makeup, disheveled hair and black attire was new to the rock culture of the region and set up a new example for the already existing bands. Caifanes presence in the music scene along with the extensive media coverage urged the prevalent record companies to focus on other bands as well and revitalize the existing rock figures. This was a major achievement on part of the group that led to a change in the rock music scene in Mexico.
Caifanes’s strong position in the music industry helped to retain its fan following even with its breakup. The group’s decision to reunite and that too with one of the most popular events like Coachella Festival and Vive Latino Festival made its comeback grand in 2011. Since then, it is conducting a number of live shows and the brand new scheduled concert will be hitting the arenas of your town very soon. Many bands of Mexico’s rock scene such as Fobia, La Lupita and La Luca to name a few, owe their existence to Caifanes and with its outstanding music it plans to influence the rock genre in the coming years as well. Caifanes tickets are up for sale. Hurry and grab them as early as possible!

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A:Yes, we do have Caifanes Tickets available at cheap prices. You can look through our page for details and order from there.