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Banda Sinaloense el Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga, commonly referred to as Banda El Recodo is a Mexican group that was founded way back in 1938. The ensemble, since its inception, has been under the direct direction of the Lizárraga family. The band consists of a dozen artists who play multiple instruments. The group includes two singers, three trombones, a tube, a snare drum, a tarola, a bass drum, three trumpets and four clarinets. It emerged in 1934 but after a long time of two decades, its first album came into picture. Led by the musical director ‘Sirola’ the musicians worked for the alignment of instruments and tunes. Their tunes consist of unique sounds and melodies which are a result of merging and molding of various tunes.

About Banda El Recodo

Over the last forty years, the group has come up with a many tunes which are mainly a mixture of classical, jazz swing and Latin dance tunes. The band has undergone many lineup changes since the time it emerged. The current line-up has ten members. The very first Banda which was seen in early nineties ‘La Banda el Recodo’ has recorded 180 plus records. The enormous hard work and the huge amount of records brought its music to the international stage, from the boundaries of Mexico.
‘La Banda el Recodo’ which was formed in 1951, was the result of the efforts by late Don Cruz Lizárraga who was a self-taught clarinet player. Lizárraga was a very talented musician who was amazingly good at music and was the band leader. He did not continue his formal education after the junior school and put all his attention to music. Against the will of his parents, he remained firm in sticking to this profession and learned playing instruments on his own. He did odd jobs to pay for the first instrument that he bought. His efforts and his talent made him the director of Banda de Musica Sinaloense.

Don Cruz Lizárraga, who was the real conceiver of this band, moved to Sinola and signed in with RCA Victor. The very first tunes which were recorded by him include "El Callejero” and "Mi Adoracion" after which the classic line-up of the band was formed. He remained the leader of the band till his death in 1995. Presently the Clarinetist sons, Alfonso and Joel are leading the band and it continues to tour even today. La Banda El Recodo won a Grammy Award in 2000 at the first annual Latin Grammy Awards. It won many other awards and recognitions as well. The new leadership also proved successful and the band released new albums in the new millennium. Banda released many of its work in collaboration with other bands and performed on stage with the most successful bands like Michael Conception, Juan Gabriel and Roberto Marquez.  

The members of the band have also worked in some films and operas apart from the music. They have also produced music for American population as well and music for the social causes and sports events. The band played at the 2006 FIFA World Cup and at the White House before the former President George W. Bush. The band now performs with the other American hip hop, rock and pop bands and remains among the very famous bands. The band has released dozens of albums since last century and recently it worked for the album titled as ‘I like everything about you’.

The one of its kind band Banda El Recodo from Mexico has worked with Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, Fonovisa Records and Mastereo. Getting an opportunity to listen to this band, which has really something unique for the listeners, must be availed. Get your Banda El Recodo Tickets and enjoy the very melodious and unique tunes live.

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