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Flex your muscles, take out your most glittering outfit and don your dancing shoes for the dance party of the year is about to begin! It is hot, it is sultry, it is absolutely entertaining…it is the fifth annual Bachata Fest. Join this celebration of dance by purchasing the Bachata Fest tickets soon before they are all sold out.

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About Bachata Fest

Before we begin with what the Bachata Fest will entail this year, let us take a sneak peek at the Bachata style of dancing and music. It has its roots in the music culture of Dominican Republic. The dance beat has four steps which are characterized by a walking hip motion performed in a Cuban style. It is accompanied by a unique “pop” step that indicates a change in the direction of ongoing step. The dance can be performed in two positions: open or close. The selection of the position depends on the comfort level of the dancing partners. Unlike other ballroom dances, it does not consist of many turns or dips. However, as is usual, the male leads the dance. He pushes or pulls the hands subtly to communicate direction of movement or the next step. The female communicates via the movement of her left hand. You can understand the nuances of the dance if you watch it being performed right in front of your eyes. Cheap Bachata Fest tickets present you with an opportunity to do so.
The modern Bachata that you will see being performed at the Bachata Fest is fusion of the tradition Dominican republic style with contemporary styles such as Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz and other Brazilian and Latin influences. These modern Bachata rhythms can be felt in the music of Toby Love, Aventura, Don Omar, Ivy Queen, and Optimo & Xtreme. An example can also be found in the form of the Mojito Project. The fusion in the dance can be seen in the use of dance steps of Salsa, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Zouk Lambada, Kizomba or Tango in a personal interpretation of the traditional steps. As a result, Bachata Fest tickets will bring to you three types of Bachata dancing: Dominican Bachata or the original Bachata, Traditional Style Bachata which is more romantic than the original, and Bachata Moderna or the Modern Bachata that can be further classified into styles like Bachatango, Urban Bachata, etc.
The Bachata Fest first began in 2008. The festival is based on a series of festivals and events that take place all around the world on different dates. Cheap Bachata Fest tickets bring to you events that are not confined to one place only. The festival kicks off in 2012 with a festival in Germany. This will be followed by a number of events over a period of three months. The events will take place in every continent making the fest a truly global phenomenon. It also shows that no country is immune to its magic. From Germany to New Zealand to Italy to Latvia, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, United States, Mexico, Tunisia, Russia, India, Cyprus…you name it and the country celebrates Bachata. So you too get going with your Bachata Fest tickets.
What is even more interesting is how Bachata Fest brings various communities together in harmony via dance. An example is the “Brisbane Latin and Brazilian Congress” which combined the Salseros with Bachateros and the Australians with the Brazilians. Thus the dancing style is promoted in a very friendly manner. There are gatherings of the Bachata lovers, instruction classes to help novices learn the art, as well as concerts and competitions. Thus, cheap Bachata Fest tickets provide the public with an overload of Bachata that makes one dizzy with joy and excitement.
Considering the above, we can easily say that the Bachata Fest is one of its kinds. It is unique in its approach. And yet it is constantly developing into a style that brings various communities together in love and harmony. Purchase the Bachata Fest tickets and add an entirely new experience to the repertoire that is life!


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