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Alejandro Sanz, The hit machine of Spain, has now made his entry into the international music with a bang. He is the artist known from his soulful singing and romantic ballads. He has now prevailed in the international market with deeper singing and collaborations with Latino superstars like Shakira, Alicia Keys and Juanes. He is one of the few artists who have made their mark right from their debut album. His dreamy looks and expressive voice have helped him being a favorite among people. He is not just a great singer but is also a seasoned songwriter. His Latino pop dominated with strong vocals along with the sounds of guitar and piano are getting more and more popular.

About Alejandro Sanz

He got into the music industry in the early nineties and from that point he hasn't looked back. He has been soaring in terms of fame and success. The music of Alejandro is a witty mix of old and new, showcasing his strong musical knowledge and background. His live acts have the quality to connect to the people with sentimental and touching vocals. His attitude also matches up with the mood of his songs creating a whole atmosphere. His songs are a reflection of where he comes from, echoing the sounds of his city and his family. Alejendro's Childhood was spent in Madrid with a strong influence of Flamenco deep rooted into his musical training. His father Jesus Sanchez was a musician himself thus flamenco was passed on to him as his inheritance. He explored various aspects of flamenco including farrucas, bulerias, martinets, sevillanas, rumbas, tanguillos and alegrias. These genres of music when combined give a perfect balance of melody and rhythm. The deeper knowledge and understanding of music has created an international popstar who brings diversity and variety into the musical industry.

He has been singing for more than a decade and has touched the heights of fame and fortune. He is not just a popular selling artist but is also been recognized by the critics. In his prolific musical career he has won fourteen Latin Grammy Awards along with two Grammy awards. He has been the three-time winner of Album of the year award in Grammys which is a record in itself. No other Latin artist has yet been able to break this record. Alajecndro Sanz has comes up with nine very successful studio albums along with three live albums, three compilation albums and thirty-five singles. His Spanish studio albums include Viviendo Deprisa, Si Tu Me Miras, 3, Mas, El Alma Al Aire, No Es Lo Mismo, EL Tren De Los Momentos and Paraiso Express. His popular singles include Pisando Fuerte, Si Tu Me Miras, Lo Que Fui Es Lo Que Soy, Si Tu Me Miras, La Fuerza Del Corazon, Mi Soledad Y Yo, Quiero Morir En Tu Veneno , Y si fuera ella, Cuando Nadie Me Ve , El Alma Al Aire, Qu isiera Ser ,El Alma Al Aire, Y Solo Se Me Ocurre Amarte and No Es Lo Mismo. He international acts with Shakira and Alicia Keys titled as Te Lo Agradezco Pero No and Looking for Paradise respectively are also some of his most popular singles. He has also made an appearance in famous songs of international artists. The list of songs include Una Noche (The Corrs), La Tortura (Shakira),Tu Corazon (Lena) and Gracias a la Vida (various artists).

His distinct voice and strong musical background has made him stand alongside some of the most popular Latino artists of this century. He has got rapturous fame with his brilliant singles making him a truly international act. He has widened his musical style ranging from simple romantic ballads to flamenco inspired pieces. His voice reflects whole heartedness and honesty that touches the hearts of many. To be a part of his touching and soulful live concert you better get your Alejandro Sanz tickets now!

This year Radio City Music Hall brings you the much awaited performance by the legendary Spanish musician Alejandro Sanz. Located in the heart of New York City, Radio City Music Hall will be the venue for the upcoming concerts by this Madrid born singer and songwriter. Immediately recognizable from his duet with Shakira, Alejandro Sanz is a Latin pop icon who has been delivering one hit after another for over a decade now. People rate him as the most commercially successful Spanish artist of recent times. Alejandro Sanz is one of the few Spanish artists who not only conquered the music scene in his home country, but also managed to win the hearts and minds of American public through his music.

Alejandro Sanz started out by playing guitar, which he learned from his father. A few years down the line, he realized that music was his calling and a result of this realization; he started his professional music career in 1989. In the early years of his career, he was known for his love ballads but that part of his image was shunned rather quickly when he chose to do a duet with Shakira.  So, if you are dying to listen to one of his old romantic songs or perhaps, one of his rock infused modern numbers, then wait no further, because Alejandro Sanz is in The Big Apple to play live in front of cheering crowd of thousands at the Radio City Music Hall. Avail this opportunity to see your favorite Latin singer live in concert by purchasing your own Alejandro Sanz Radio City Tickets right now!


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