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The Slide Brothers are a music band that comprises of Robert Randolph, Darick Campbell, Calvin Cooke, Aubrey Ghent and Chuck Campbell. These four musicians in the band are rendered to be the pioneers of the music tradition known as the Sacred Steel. The music that these musicians make is highly festive and goes well beyond just the Sacred Steel traditional music as their music also comprises of elements from rock, soul and blues as well as their own innovative styles. On the other hand, Otis Taylor is a blues musician from Chicago in Illinois in the United States of America. Taylor plays the harmonica, the banjo, the guitar as well as the mandolin and is a lead vocalist. In 2001, he was given an award in regards to the fellowship that he has to the famous Film Composers Laboratory. Both the Steel Brothers and Otis Taylor are soon scheduled to perform together in a live music event that is expected to be absolutely rocking.

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About The Slide Brothers Otis Taylor Band

In the decade of the 1030’s, Willie Eason launched the pedal steel guitar to the church services of that time. The famed single-string passages that helped in creating the sounds of the African-American commotion noises and singing are the trademark sounds of the admired steel guitar manner of Keith Dominion. Even though this type of music played a massive role in church services, yet the highly vibrant and full of life music had still not been heard by people outside of the church. As the new century progressed, a buzz about an amazing new type of slide guitar started to attract a lot of musicians as well as avid fans of music.
Robert Randolph is known to be one of the most flourishing musicians to have come from the popular tradition of the Sacred Steel. Randolph was educated as an extraordinary pedal steel guitar player in the acclaimed House of God Church. The way he utilizes his instrument has gained him an immense amount of global fame. One of the major goals of Randolph as a musician is to contribute celebrated and talented musicians with the world.
Calvin Cooke who is known as Nashville’s most enterprising steel guitarists has earned a nickname of “B.B. King of Gospel Steel Guitar” in the music industry. Born in 1944 to a family having its roots in music, Calvin first started playing the guitar in 1955 when he was just eleven years old. However, his tiny fingers made it difficult to play the instrument. In order to accomplish the tune that he wanted to make, he started using a knife as a slide. Then his mother got him a steel guitar and to date Calvin uses the same guitar to create the exceptional sounds. Today, Calvin Cooke is known as one of the pioneering pedal guitarist amid the Sacred Steel tradition circuit.
Aubrey Ghent who is a nephew of the famous Willie Eason is also an eminent steel guitarist who preserves the Scared Steel tradition and brings his mind blowing instrumental guitar skills to an international audience. Ghent is distinguished as a skilled lap steel guitarist.
Chuck Campbell started to perform as a lap steel guitarist when he was just eleven. Today, he is well known for his creative advancement to the steel guitar both instrumentally as well as technically. The way he utilizes and creates fascinating distortion along with the tone control pedals such as the famous Wah-Wah let him imitate the human voice in a highly unique way. His brother Darick Campbell who is also a part of The Slide Brothers band made his mark in the industry by playing the drums. For many years he was the leading drummer of in Nashville of the renowned National Convocation of the House of God Church and the General Assembly. Robert Randolph, Darick Campbell, Calvin Cooke, Aubrey Ghent and Chuck Campbell complete The Slide Brothers band and are known for their impressive live concerts that are completely sold out well in advance. With Otis Taylor performing along with them, the event is surely going to be a memorable one for avid fans of music. This is an optimum time for you to book The Slide Brothers and Otis Taylor Band tickets and enjoy a music concert like never before.
Otis Taylor who is one of the leading musicians in the United States in the music genres of jazz and blues enjoys a great fan following. All of the live performances of Taylor’s are a tremendous success. The Slide Brothers and Otis Taylor Band tickets are your ultimate way of catching two of the most incredible bands performing under one exciting event live.

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