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Like everything else in the world, music has also progressed with time. The technology involved is now very complex and a detailed knowledge of each instrument and equipment is required before you can use it. In the same way, the popular sounds and genres of are also changing as people turn towards electronic and pop music. However, there are still quite a few artists left, who are not afraid to go back to the roots of music and bring back the instrument based, folk and R&B sound of the sixties and seventies. One very famous such band is the Dap Kings.

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About The Dap Kings


The Dap Kings are a very rare site in today’s music world as they take you back in time. They are a collection of musicians with a very common goal in mind and similar taste in music who decided to get together and put their vision to the test. They use traditional musical instruments as well as analog equipment, used in the seventies, to record their songs in order to give them a classical sound.


The Dap Kings have featured some of the biggest names in music and have performed with the most popular artists in history to carve out a specific niche for themselves in the music industry. Each and every musician that has played for the band has had years of experience. Over fifteen different people have represented the band at different times with the current lineup consisting of ten amazing artists. Now that they are planning to go out on tour, here is your chance to see these exceptional musicians live in concert. All you need are the Dap Kings tickets and you too can enjoy listening to some beautiful classical music.


The band traces its roots back to the mid nineties when a group by the name of the “Soul Providers” was created by Philip Lehman and Gabriel Roth aka Bosco Mann. They started making music on a regular basis and played background for several high profile artists. It was on one of their recording sessions that they first met Sharon Jones, a soul and funk singer who greatly impressed them and with whom they made two songs "Switchblade" and “Landlord.” Soon after, Lehman and Roth decided to start their own record label in New York called ‘Desco Records.’


Their new recording studio got off to very good start as they built up a favorable reputation in the funk and R&B circles. The Soul Providers were turned in to a Desco Records house band and their stock also grew as they collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry at the time. The use of original analog recording equipment began here and their early albums left many people confused as to which era they were from. The albums themselves would not have any dates on them and the use of outdated recording equipment gave the sound a classical feel, making people believe they were actually listening to songs made in the sixties and seventies.


That was a very fruitful time for the band but it did not last for too long as Lehman and Roth started developing problems, and in 2000, decided to finish their partnership and open up their own recording studios. Roth got together with the famous Neal Sugarman, the saxophonist from Sugarman 3 to open Daptone Records. The Soul Providers also went through changes as many members left and the remaining decided to rename the group to the Dap Kings. That is when the Grammy nominated Sharon Jones became a regular member of the band and they started touring as Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.


Since then the band has made six albums, with their latest one, titled “Give the People What They Want” their biggest release to date. Every one of their albums has received a lot of acclaim from the likes of AllMusic, Pitchfork Media, NME and the Rolling Stones.


The Dap Kings have carved out a niche for themselves and have been playing numerous sold out shows all over the world. Now they are planning on going out on tour once again, and here is your opportunity to see these talented musicians in the flesh. Grab the Dap Kings tickets and spend your time listening to some amazing music by a group of exceptionally talented artists.


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