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Terrance Simien is a zydeco songwriter, musician and vocalist, best known for making more than seven thousand live performances with his band across the globe, including forty countries. He is counted among the most talented recording artists, vocalists and engaging performers from American roots music. He has played concerts as well as recorded music alongside high-profile artists such as Stevie Wonder, roots rocker Los Lobos, Robert Palmer, Dave Matthews, Marcia Ball, The Meters, Dr. John, and Paul Simon. Simien has made appearances on screen and has contributed various soundtracks to movies, commercials and television films. He has appeared on the soundtrack of Disney animation Princess and the Frog, which was set in New Orleans’ French Quarter, featuring original Louisiana musical scores created by Randy Newman.  In addition his soundtracks have been featured on movies like Murder of Crows, Exit to Eden and The Big Easy. While he has collaborated with a host of different artists, he has also been working with his own Louisiana-based band called Terrance Simien and Zydeco Experience. In 2007, the group brought home a Grammy Award in the category of Best Cajun or Zydeco Music Album on the album, Live! Worldwide. It is no surprise to see why Terrance Simien tickets are such a favorite among zydeco, Americana and roots music following.

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About Terrance Simien

Terrance Simien is the eighth generation Creole descending from among the earliest known Creole families that were documented for having settled in St. Landry Parish in its Mallet region. The young maestro was introduced to music through a piano in his house, as well as at the Catholic Church choir and in his school band programs in which he performed in the trumpet. During his teens, he learnt to play the accordion on his own and formed his first band called Terrance Simien & Mallet Play boys, with the name being very similar to his current band. They started playing among the church hall circuits and the regional zydeco clubs. By the beginning of the eighties, Simien was in his early twenties and was the one of the two rising zydeco musician to lead a group and to perform their indigenous roots music.  this time was very crucial to the development of his career as well as the history of zydeco music since the very pioneers of this genre were retiring, and the music was at risk of eventually dying away without any strong presence of upcoming artists re-establishing the tradition to carry it on.

Today, Terrance Simien and his wife/business partner, Cynthia are actively involved in the education and advocacy of Creole music. They formed the performing arts program Creole for Children and The History of Zydeco that performs with the aim of providing information to K-12 students, parents and teachers. Since its establishment in 2001, the program has reached more almost five hundred thousand parents, students and teachers, across more than twenty states in Australia, Canada, Paraguay, Brazil, Mali and the Dominican Republic. The couple values the significance of mentoring young emerging artists and thus created MusicMatters, Inc., which is a non-profit organization for advocacy and education of the genre.

Terrance Simien’s albums with his band include Zydeco on the Bayou, Across the Parish, Creole for Kidz, The Tribute Sessions, Positively Beadhead, Jam the Jazzfest, Live! Worldwide, and There’s Room for All of US The Tribute Sessions. Their most popular songs include A Ma Maison, Always on My Mind, Grandma’s House, I Shall Be Relelased, Love Land, Narration, Macque Choux, Groove Me, Come Back Home, Will I Ever Learn, The Maker and Since It’s Over, among several others. Most recently, Simien and his boys appeared in the Warner Bros. thirty-five million dollar studio film The Lucky One, playing their original song Dance Everyday. The film also features their version of the loved zydeco staple called Uncle Bud. Simien’s shows are an experience in themselves that are a must-see, even if just once; so hurry to grab some cheap Terrance Simien tickets before they are all hogged by his devoted fans.

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