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The Spokane Jazz Orchestra is a 17 piece band that performs specifically in the jazz genre. They are one of the oldest orchestras of their kind in the country, having existed for more than 30 years. Often abbreviated as the “SJO”, they are the mother ship from which other institutes such as the “Spokane Jazz Society” have sprouted. This way, they have created a network that consists of not only putting together concerts every season, but also providing education to budding musicians or those interested in jazz music. As a tradition, the orchestra has a guest performer to lead them at every annual concert. This time around, they will be joined by the famous duo Keberle Connection, consisting of Ryan Keberle and Dan Keberle. This father and son team is sure to only add to the band’s swing and jazz sound, making for an incredible series of shows. To listen to any of them live, get Spokane Jazz Orchestra Keberle Connection tickets online.

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About Spokane Jazz Orchestra Keberle Connection

Since the day it came into being, the SJO has been catering to the Inland Northwest, both by adding to their culture by holding performances regularly, and by providing training and education to the wider community. As a band, they function more like a repertory ensemble, and play jazz music spread throughout the spectrum. This included the more uplifting swing from the Dixie era, to some of the more contemporary tunes as well. After their concerts, they hold workshops. These are often organized as part of festivals or some of the outreach programs they hold in different schools. To get people more involved in their programs, they hold the “Annual Jazz Soloist Competition” in which high school students are encouraged to compete.
Their tradition of inviting popular musicians to play with them has proven to be very successful. Over the years, it has become an honor to be part of the band for only the top in the jazz industry as chosen. Names like Diana Krall, Lanny Morgan, Joe Williams, Ben E. King, and The Drifters have joined the SJO. All of these are mainstream artists, yet each once still felt like being part of the SJO was a privilege.
When it comes to Keberle Connection and the SJO, however; one cannot compare it to be like any of the above mentioned names for the two have an association that is much more far reaching. Dan Keberle had formerly been the musical director for the SJO. He will be joined by his son, who works as a professional trombone player, working in New York as an arranger and educator.  He plays with the “Saturday Night Live!” band, the “Maria Schneider Big Band”. He was also part of the musical “In the Heights” as a regular trombone player. The musical went on to receiver multiple Tony Awards nominations, even winning a few. Dan Keberle on the other hand has currently taken onto teaching “Jazz Studies and Trumpet” at the “Whitworth University”. He is also the director of his subject. In the upcoming show, the duo will be playing a number of tunes that they have composed especially for the show; people with Spokane Jazz Orchestra Keberle Connection tickets are definitely in for a memorable show.
The SJO usually organizes four concerts at the “Spokane’s Metropolitan Performing Arts Centre”. Other than this, they also perform at their opera house, and in different community events that take place in the city. They have famously played many times at the “Coeur d’Alene’s Art” where they have held fundraising dances and concerts for different charities. The Spokane Jazz Orchestra is also known in the entire region as being the choice of band that would perform on the fourth of July and the annual fireworks. During these shows, they perform to an audience of nearly 50,000 alongside other globally acclaimed artists and jazz musicians.
This year around, the Keberle Connection will become the main attraction of their concerts. Apart from having performance careers, the father and son duo have served a lot in the education department. While Dan works as the director in the university, Ryan too is a famous educator in New York City. He was in fact chosen to be part the musical director for the “Jazz Band Classic”, a youth jazz orchestra. The show will be consisting of jazz tunes, both new and old, and the compositions that the duo has worked on especially for this show. Jazz music fans are encouraged to attend this one of a kind event.

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