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Consisting of Norah Jones, Sasha Dobson and Catherine Popper, the band Puss n Boots was formed in 2008. Since then the three divas have been entertaining the fans across the country with their eclectic mix of music. The band is most famous for their debut studio album, “No Fools, No Fun” released in 2014. A critically acclaimed album, its success has led to the group touring to various cities to promote their tunes. This summer the band members are once again hitting the road to give all their fans a taste of their catchy tunes. Puss n Boots tickets are already up for sale and are selling out quickly. So get the tickets for yourself and your friends now to catch this girl-band in a live performance. 

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About Puss N Boots

Puss n Boots Road to Success 

There are many artists who have transitioned from country to rock or pop to country, but there are very few who have successfully gone from jazz to country; up until Puss n Boots.  The trio kicked off their career by performing together in various small nightclubs in New York. Although they were mildly popular, it was not until the summer of 2014 that they finally decided to deliver their debut studio album. Prior to the release of this album, the divas kept themselves occupied with day jobs that ranged from full-time superstars to part time supporting musicians. In spite of having full-fledged solo careers, Puss n Boots made the girls come together and indulge in their shared passion for country music.

No Fools, No Fun 

Puss n Boots’ first full length album, “No Fools, No Fun” proved to be a breakthrough in their career. Every track in the album brings with it a freshness that is unique to the band only. Consisting of 12 songs, the album kicks off with a cover of Tom Paxron's score, Leaving London and goes on to include classics like Bull Rider and covers of singles like Sex Degrees or Separation. Other tracks include GTO, Tarnished Angel, You’ll Forget Me, Always, Twilight, Down by the River and Don’t Know What It Means. The band members embarked on several tours after the release of the album, also performing at many large scale events including festivals like the Green River Festival, the Newport Folk Festival and the Clearwater Festival. 

Music Style

Puss n Boots have gained a lot of popularity for their naturalness. The band adheres to no permanent path and this is highlighted in their album, “No Fools, No Fun”. Consisting of a variety of covers, originals, part studio and part live performances, the different elements within the album add up to an incredible record. What's most spectacular about their music style is perhaps their ability to celebrate moments, places and memories by delivering scores that really touches the heart of the listeners.

Another thing worth lauding is the chemistry of the girls which shows how much they know about each other's strengths and weaknesses. There's always hints of a shared past in their songs and this natural rapport is the reason why their music is always such so appealing.

Puss n Boots Concert Experience

Puss n Boots have also earned a lot of acclaim for the nonchalant nature of their live shows. This carefree attitude works perfectly in the favor of the trio as it seems they are just there to spread love and having the time of their lives. Their live shows are always a delight in every aspect. Jones breathtaking voice remains intact even at high notes, whereas Popper and Dobson bring immense energy to the performance with their vocals. Their enthusiasm, earnestness and passion for music shows in their live concerts and that’s exactly why fans keep coming back to experience the band’s live performance.


Puss n Boots have several live performances lined up in the upcoming months. Amongst many others, they're expected to mark their entry at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York, Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction and affinity Center in Mansfield. With three stunning singers, a brand new album, remarkable stage presence and talent, this band is certainly walking towards super stardom and taking on the music world.

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