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Pianopalooza tickets are passes to the nation’s biggest piano music event. Every year, thousands of enthusiastic music lovers get a chance to watch the maestros of piano in a grand showcase of their talents. The event goes to a number of major cities featuring their best pianists. One such prestigious event is going to be held in Saint Louis at The Sheldon Concert Hall this February. The event will feature four of Saint Louis’ most remarkable pianists who will come together to make a real Pianopalooza. These amazing performances will be given by Martin Kennedy, Alla Voskoboynikova, Daniel Schene and Peter Henderson. These artists are bringing a century of classical music with works from as early as 20th century to contemporary classical compositions. Another major feature of Pianopalooza is Grant Bradshaw, a Mizzou undergraduate, with his fresh composition.

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About Pianopalooza

Peter Henderson, a part of Pianopalooza, is a versatile pianist who is active in performing not only solo but in orchestral and chamber settings as well. He has been serving at Maryville University as Assistant Professor of Music since 2005. Peter is frequent in his keyboard performances with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra ensembles. In addition to a number of other projects and associations, Henderson has been providing coaching services at the San Diego Chamber Music Workshop since 2001. Apart from the classical music compositions, Peter considers him an advocate of modern music and has given a number of solo compositions of his own over the years. He is the best at what he does and his performance at Pianopalooza will testify for that.
The mesmerizing tunes of Daniel Schene have reached in concert halls not only in United States alone but also in Taiwan, Brazil, Greece and France. Schene debuted at the ripe age of fifteen with the Charlotte Symphony. He is a member of the Trio Americas and the Esterhazy Quartet. Schene also teaches music as a faculty member and as a guest coach. He has done a number of collaborations with renowned musicians like the cellist Zara Nelsova; and his performance at Pianopalooza is going to be another one of his brilliant performances.  
Among the artists performing in Pianopalooza is Alla Voskoboynikova, a brilliant soloist and an excellent collaborator. She performs regularly with St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and coach music at Opera Theatre of St. Louis and at the Union Avenue Opera Company. Last but not the least; Martin Kennedy is also going to play his part in making Pianopalooza in St. Louis a memorable event. Kennedy, like Henderson, is a committed advocate of new music and his compositions have been performed by several ensembles and artists internationally. He is a prize winning pianist who is as much brilliant performing solo as he is in ensembles and collaborations.  
Grant Bradshaw is also a part of Pianopalooza. He’s from Columbia and is currently polishing his skills of viola and composition at Mizzou. He is associated with Missouri Symphony Society Conservatory as an assistant conductor. He is bringing new compositions to Pianopalooza as an extra treat for the eager audience.  
Venue of Pianopalooza, The Sheldon Concert Hall, is also worth mentioning. Built in 1912, The Sheldon has provided perfect acoustics to audience, public speakers and musicians through the years. The venue is called “The Carnegie Hall of St. Louis”; the reputation it earned for being a premier concert hall. Its stages have seen renowned figures including Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Dwight Eisenhower, B.B. King, Willie Nelson and Herbie Hancock. The Sheldon features classical, folk and jazz concerts with events reaching over 300 each year.
Henderson, Schene, Kennedy and Voskoboynikova are amazing soloists as well as collaborators and now these four maestros are joining hands to give their fans a wonderful time. Painopalooza at The Sheldon Concert Hall is this year’s best classical music event which is a must-attend. Ardent music lovers also have the opportunity to enjoy this event with cheap Pianopalooza tickets which they can get if they act fast to book them.

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