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Norah Jones Austin is a spectacular music event featuring the renowned Norah Jones, one of the best known jazz and adult contemporary artist in the world today. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she first entered into the world of music in 2001. Since then, she has claimed one of the top spots in the American music scene and constantly releases songs and albums, through labels such as Blue Note Records. Many have already bought Norah Jones Austin tickets to catch her live concerts in this Texas city. She is a singer, a songwriter and a musician who plays the guitar, piano, saxophone and bass. She is also an actor, having appeared in a number of movies.

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Her music is hardly one that can be easily slotted into a single music genre. Rather, it combines styles from a number of genres, including jazz, folk, roots, country and even rock to create a signature style. Performing artist at the Norah Jones Austin concert, she has worked and performed with many artists and bands including The Little Willies, Liberation Prophecy, El Madmo, Wax Poetic, Foo Fighters, Peter Malick, Dave Grohl, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Q-Tip and Peeping Tom.
She is the daughter of sitar player, Ravi Shankar with Sue Jones being her mother. In 2002, she rose to fame in the music world with the launch of the album, Come Away with Me, whose songs portrayed a fusion of pop, jazz and country. This album was highly successful commercially and critically. In just a year, it had sold more than twenty six million copies and was certified diamond, a feat unprecedented in the world of music and an achievement that went down as one of the finest moments in the history of music.
If that wasn’t enough, this album by Norah Jones Austin concert artist went on to receive five Grammy Awards including those for the Best New Artist, Album of the Year and Record of the Year. In 2004, she released her next album, influenced more by country music. This album sold more than a million copies in its first week of released only and has since then sold more than four million copies in the US, been certified four times platinum and has sold more than twelve million copies all over the world.
Following this, Norah Jones Austin’s star was ranked as one the Most Influential People of 2004 by Time magazine, on their Time 100 list. In other countries, the album ranked first in around sixteen. The album also received three Grammy Award nominations of which she won the Grammy Award for the Best Pop Vocal Album. Later that year, she won two Grammy Awards for the Record of the Year and for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for her song, Here We Go Again, sung with Ray Charles. This was a monumental song, one amongst the several in Ray Charles’s last album. It is therefore no surprise that she continues to attract many live with cheap Norah Jones Austin tickets.
In 2007, Norah Jones Austin’s star artist released the album Not Too Late which ranked first in over twenty countries of the world. It also ranked gold, platinum and multi-platinum in twenty one countries and sold more than four million copies. By then, she had sold over thirty six million albums all over the world. Today, this nine time Grammy Award winning artist is ranked as one the Best Selling Music Artists of All Time by Billboard, a feat worth buying Norah Jones Austin tickets to catch her live.