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The multitalented German born Michael Kaeshammer is a boogie-woogie vocalist, arranger, composer and pianist. Kaeshammer is inspired by music produced by boogie-woogie artists such as Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Fats Waller and Pinetop Smith. Purchase Michael Kaeshammer tickets today to see him perform his greatest songs live. He started taking interest in stride piano and boogie-woogie music since he was 13 years old. After studying classical piano for nearly seven years, he quickly began performing live at numerous concerts and music clubs. Kaeshammer participated in many German music festivals and gained recognition almost instantly after moving to Canada with his family. He performed live in Canadian jazz and blues festivals during 1996.

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About Michael Kaeshammer

His 1996 debut album ‘Blue Keys’ released by BSB productions saw him sing blues and jazz along with his piano compositions. ‘Blue Keys’ was followed by his 1998 album, titled, ‘Tell you How I feel’ which was released by Alma Records. Alma Records was again involved in his third and fourth album releases namely ‘No Strings Attached’ released in 2000 and the album ‘Strut’ that came in 2003. ‘Strut’ was co released by Universal Records. ‘Days Like These’ that came out in 2007 was his first co released album by Alert Records and Universal Records, followed by his album titled ‘Lovelight’ released in 2009. Kaeshammer is very famous in Canada and has performed in Europe and the United States as well. His most popular songs include ‘On a Saturday Night’ and ‘Comes Love’. With the release of ‘KAESHAMMER’ in 2011 by Alert Music and Universal Records, Michael Kaeshammer is all set to tour again.

‘KAESHAMMER’ was recorded at Keen Studios and Toronto’s Drive Shed in 2010. The album was produced by Ron Lopata. The album contains Kaeshammer’s original songs influenced by soul, R&B, pop and jazz. Kaeshammer blends pop music with jazz in most of his songs and his playing style and compositions are very similar to the artists he is influenced by. Kaeshammer songs are always original. His uniqueness comes from his ability to join pieces of different genres together. Kaeshammer can mix classic piano and modern boogie-woogie techniques with ease. He doesn’t stick to one genre either as some of his songs even contain slight touches of funk piano that he uses to energize his audience. Kaeshammer likes to share, and this thought of his is reflected in his music. He uses his music to transmit his thoughts to his audience, something he is very fond of doing. He refers to himself as a ‘showman’ and considers himself more of an entertainer rather than a musician.

He always prepares something different for each and every single one of his shows and actually works according to the audience he expects. Kaeshammer is so versatile that he can actually change the mood of his audience and shape the progression of his shows using his technique. He likes to party with the audience and suggests that his shows are actually a party. He introduces his audience to his band or fellow performers which includes bassist Marc Rogers and longtime drummer Mark McLean. Kaeshammer follows the introduction with short stories about himself and his fellow performers on stage. He will also perform a live session with Mark McLean which will demonstrate their skills and individual techniques that make their music so special.

His live performances are all about transferring energy and sharing his thoughts. The crowd at his concerts usually leave the show feeling energized and refreshed. Purchase cheap Michael Kaeshammer tickets to get a chance to party with the great showman. The purpose of his shows is pure entertainment so you will definitely remember Michael Kaeshammer after seeing him live.

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