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Michael Franks is a hot favorite of many when it comes to jazz. The clearly distinctive voice of this man when delivered in a jazzy style is an ultimate treat to your ears. His voice remains as melodious as it was thirty years ago. The band is made up of accomplished jazz musicians who understand the desires of the audience and know how to put on a great show.  Michael never fails to please his fans because his voice blends greatly with his band. The female vocalist, Veronica Nunn also adds incredible harmonies that merges well with the vocals and creates an enchanting experience for the audience. With great sets, talented band and amazing numbers, Micheal puts on a truly exceptional show.

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About Michael Franks

Micael Franks made his debut on Reprise in 1976 by releasing his album, The Art of Tea. He has released eighteen studio albums including Blue Pacific, Dragonfly Summer, Abandoned Garden, Barefoot on the Beach, Watching the Snow, Rendezvous in Rio, Time Together and the list goes on. MF comes up with great poetic ideas every time he releases a new album. The songs simply transfer you to a heavenly place where you can enjoy listening to his majestic voice with your eyes closed. The strong Brazilian melodies and well crafted songs of the album, Time Together, have already mesmerized many music lovers.

One of his best compilation albums includes The Best of Michael Franks: A Backward Glance that was released in 1998. The album contains fifteen numbers based on soft rock and smooth jazz. Some of the best numbers include Antonio's Song, The Lady Wants to Know, When the Cookie Jar Is Empty, Your Secret's Safe with Me, Tiger in the Rain, Baseball, The Art of Love, Hourglass, When I Give My Love to You and Soul Mate. The songs of Passionfruit, Art of Tea and Sleeping Gypsy sink deep in your sub-conscious and evoke immediate recall of the melody and lyrics. You must experience his pleasant voice in person rather than listening to him on a CD. He is a kind man with a gifted voice. If anyone loves listening to smooth jazz, Michael Franks is the best option.

Although he was born in California but he writes well about New York which is perfectly mirrored in the lyrics of his single, Summer in New York. The song is backed by brilliant electronic drumming that does not hinder the original tune, instead it creates a nice laid back atmosphere to unwind yourself and shake your stress away.  His strong and supple voice will penetrate your senses which will keep you deeply engaged in the musical. You will love the way he sings Sunday Morning Here With You. He continues to wow the crowd with his soothing voice and a brilliant list of song choices. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on Michael Franks tickets.

Michael Franks is truly in love with the Brazilian music. He conveys the warmth and comfort by blending the jazz and pop vocals effortlessly and delivering the vocals of Time Together flawlessly. Also, the singles of sand, ocean and love of the Blue Pacific album are absolutely amazing. Each song perfectly harmonizes with the preceding one thereby creating a smooth flow and an amazing listening experience. The versatile song collection evokes pleasant memories in audience who do not want the concert to end. If you want to feel empowered by the lyrical bliss of his great songs, get hold of cheap Michael Franks tickets right away. It is nice to attend a concert packed with loyal fans who love to hear Micheal’s voice from start to finish. 

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